6 Excellent Email Hosting Services for Your Business 2022

Email Hosting Services for Your Business

Creating a custom email address for your company is a great option to make your business appear more professional and better manage your email messages. But it’s also an expense and you’ll want to make certain that you’re not going over your budget.

It’s a good thing that there are many excellent low-cost email hosting services that can assist you in setting up an email account that costs under one dollar monthly. If you want to, you could include additional email addresses on your account to accommodate group members.

Here are 6 Excellent Email Hosting Services for Your Business in 2022

1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail must be the first because it’s the only option that provides no-cost hosting for email. Yes, there’s a forever-free plan available that allows 5 users, 5GB of storage per user, as well as the attachment limit, which is 25MB.

Over the limits, one of the downsides of hosting your email at no charge is it’s only accessible through the internet. That means you’ll need Zoho’s webmail application. It isn’t possible to use your own email client like joining it up to Gmail.

The paid subscriptions offered by Zoho are among the most affordable options available. At just $1 per month, the Mail Lite plan provides access to the limit of 5GB in addition to access to the most recent features.

2. Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is above the rest of the inexpensive mail hosting. We’re including it since it offers many advantages over the hosting of your emails. If you’ll use different services in the future, this may be sufficient to make this “cheap,” even though the monthly cost is more expensive than other options.

At first, Google Workspace (G Suite) lets you take advantage of Gmail to make custom emails. There’s an alternative that allows users to utilize POP3/IMAP for connecting to Gmail alongside other cheap hosting options for email, however, the use of Google Workspace (G Suite) is the most effective way to connect to Gmail using a custom domain name. It is possible to use Google Workspace (G Suite) can also remove advertisements from Gmail’s interface. Gmail’s interface.

Additionally to this, you’ll be granted access to Gmail’s services that are available to you, including Drive Docs, Sheets, and numerous other applications. If you’re part-time within an organization, you can also work on data with the whole team.

3. IONOS by 1&1

Since a cost-free .com domain is priced at around $10, you’ll get email hosting for free. Additionally, you’ll be able to use an email client of your own and connect to your email on every device. Also, you can use IONOS Webmail.

The downside is the storage limitation. To increase this limit, go for the Mail Basic 1+ plan Mail Basic 1+ plan to increase the storage limit to 12GB at only four dollars each month.

If you’re part of a team, you could choose to go with the Mail Business plan which ups storage to 50GB per mailbox. Additionally, it comes with tools to work with your team members, such as calendars and emails that can be shared. The price of this plan for teams is contingent on the number of users you have.

4. Namecheap

The cheapest option on this list is both per-user pricing and individual pricing. Two free trial months are included in each plan. Storage capacity is high for a reasonable price

Email sharing for businesses who have plans with higher tiers for cost per customer. Namecheap is certainly the most affordable hosting service listed on this list, as its Starter plan is priced at $0.84 and comes with just one mailbox. Additional mailboxes can be purchased for $0.41 per mailbox.

In the end, the email hosting provided by Namecheap is in essence a bargain. In the most affordable plan, it includes basic features, but it has everything you require to establish a personalized account for your email.

5. Rackspace Email

Rackspace Email isn’t as affordable as other email hosting services on the above list. However, it does compensate with an array of features and a huge space limit. In terms of the price you pay, Rackspace Email is competitively priced.

All plans include an unlimited number of groups, namesakes, and forwarding rules, as well as antivirus and spam protection, without ads or fees for email migration.

6. Great email

Great email is a fantastic low-cost email hosting solution if you’re hosting many users since it costs only 1 cent per mailbox, and is one of the lowest costs per user we’ve put together. But it’s not the ideal option for solo or small groups as it requires just $15 per month (which is a total of 15 mailboxes).

In the Standard Edition at $1/month per user, you’ll get secure email via IMAP/POP3 that allows you to utilize any email program that has privacy and security in the cloud. It also includes spam protection as well as malware and virus security.


Here are some email hosting options you can pick from. We hope that this article can help you pick the best web hosting solution for your company’s emails. You may be interested in researching the most effective email marketing services that are available.

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