Mumbai Web Hosting: 5 Great Choices

Mumbai Web Hosting: 5 Great Choices

Mumbai web hosting services are a great solution to build an online presence for different businesses in the economic hub of India. Whether it is a small business or a corporate conglomerate in Mumbai, web hosting services in Mumbai have robust plans to meet the hosting needs of website owners.

There are different set of hardware specifications, server resources, strong security measures, and other kinds of resources that helps in managing the operations hassle-free. In this blog, we are highlighting major Mumbai web hosting service providers that are boosting the digital economy of businesses. Read on.

 Top Web Hosting Service Providers in Mumbai

Sr NoNameUptimeStorageCost
1MilesWeb99.95%SSD NVMe₹60/mo
2Mumbai Hosting99.9%SSD₹3,600/mo
3WebsolN/AN/APer quotation
4Global Adevrtising Pvt. Ltd99%SSDPer quotation
5Domain AddaN/ASSD/HDD₹60/mo

1. MilesWeb

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting mumbai provider providing higher uptime of up to 99.95%, free SSL, free domain, and enterprise-grade servers. All these resources add value in the maximizing online presence of clients. This Indian web hosting company has all kinds of resources to meet the different kinds of web hosting needs. Right from individuals to well-established businesses that are hosting their businesses prefer MilesWeb because of brand trust.

Over the years, MilesWeb has hosted over 50k clients and 1 million domains. The web host has a different range of web hosting services which includes reseller hosting plans also. Shared, managed, and self-managed VPS, cheap cpanel hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and others. Hence, if any user wants to resell web hosting resources or start a business in this industry, MilesWeb is the reliable option to prefer.

Cost: Plans start at ₹60 per month.

2. Mumbai Hosting

Mumbai Hosting is one of India’s experienced website hosting providers that offer different kinds of services. Different ranges of services include managed VPS, reseller, VPS, domain registration, and others. They incorporate world-class optimized software with SSD Disks that run on powerful CPUs with premium hardware and networking to bring users the best possible solution.

Mumbai Hosting has strong network servers, services, and a monitoring team that looks after the server machine 24/7. Even MilesWeb offers managed support through live chat, email, and phone. So, beginners may choose both of the web hosting service providers to meet their web hosting needs. However, the pricing structure may not be feasible for beginners because MilesWeb offers cheaper web hosting services without overselling or compromising on quality standards.

Cost: Plans start at ₹3,600 per year.

3. Websol

Websol web hosting services are available to all websites across the world. They offer top-quality business web hosting, with the premium uptime exceeding 99.9%. All of their web hosting plans are competitively priced and already provide a large number of businesses with the web solutions they need.

One major limitation about choosing this company is that there are no pre-configured plans which gives client a good idea about their hardware specs. Even there is no reseller hosting plans or cloud server-related information on their webpage. Hence, beginners may get confused about how much server space is required. Apart from this, there is no free migration available which MilesWeb offers.

Cost: Charges as per quotation.

4. Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd

Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd offers web hosting services for Linux and Windows operating systems. The web host supports different Linux distros like Red Hat Linux and others. Also, web hosting account users get different resources like Joomla, phpBB, Curl Tomcat, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, PHP 5.×, and much more.

As far as Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd’s Windows hosting services are considered, their plans only support Windows 2012. Like Websol, their plans are not preconfigured and users have to fill out the form and get quotations as per the requirement. Also, if we compare Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd with MilesWeb, there are no enterprise-grade features. Hence, Global Advertising Pvt. Ltd may be suitable for beginners and not for corporate giants.

Cost: Charges as per quotation.

5. Domain Adda

Domain Adda is a professional web hosting service in Mumbai backed by technical support mavericks. There are limited web hosting plans like a reseller, Linux shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. The scalability scope is limited with Domain Adda’s plans because there are no cloud hosting plans available that MilesWeb offers.

We have added its name because of its extra services like WhatsApp API, and bulk SMS features which will add value to the marketing efforts. Domain Adda can be considered one of the cheap web hosting options but they have limited hardware resources.

Cost: Plans start at ₹750 per year.

Key Takeaways

We explored five of the top web hosting providers, each with its strengths. Whether you prioritize raw power, exceptional customer service, or a focus on Indian audiences, there’s a perfect fit waiting for you.

But if you’re seeking a well-rounded web hosting solution that ticks all the boxes, look no further than MilesWeb. MilesWeb offers industry-leading features, exceptional performance, and unbeatable support, all at competitive prices. With a strong focus on the Indian market, they understand your specific needs and provide localized solutions.

So, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Visit MilesWeb today and experience the difference a superior web hosting provider can make for your Mumbai website.

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