The Right Way To Do Optin Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you’re looking to make money online, you have undoubtedly been bombarded by this phrase from all sides. as marketing to a well-managed email marketing list really is as profitable as it gets. You needn’t look any further than the biggest companies out there, the Papa Johns, Walmarts, and Amazons of the world to see how they use email to maximize profits.

There is a piece of the email pie out there for you as well. To take it though, you need to be able to follow some of the basic best practices of optin email marketing. You won’t be left guessing though! Here they are:

1. You Need To Give Them A Real Reason To Optin

Email Marketing

Too many novice marketers are content with throwing up an optin email marketing form with a dinky free ebook offer. That is not good enough. Generating leads takes the same level of dedication as generating sales, and you must bring the same level of quality.

Wherever you are advertising your option, make sure that your incentive for joining is more valuable than anything that your competition is offering. Like if you are offering free video like on gogoanime then On top of that, you need to have a copy on your squeeze page that tells users EXACTLY what they can expect from joining your list. This will limit the number of opt-outs that you get and will give you a testing point that will show you exactly what your target audience wants. The selling points that get them onto your list are the things that your autoresponder series will need to be about.

2. You Need To Provide Free Value Along With Your Products/Services

Email Marketing

When marketers build their first lists, they are prone to blasting their new subscribers with offers. The idea seems to be to gather as much money as possible as quickly as possible. This is as foolish an approach as you can take.

Option email marketing is all about setting yourself up to make great money in the LONG-TERM by consistently providing value to your subscribers. To do this, you must offer only the best products, services, and advice. You can’t chase the almighty dollar and nothing else though, your autoresponders should follow the 80/20 rule. You want the majority of your content to be free advice, tips, or industry news. This builds trust and makes customers more willing to buy your paid products.

3. You Need To Communicate

Email Marketing

If you want to be in the top tier of email marketers, there can be no barriers between you and your subscribers. To provide the best experience possible you need to interact with your list, and you need This will allow you to select the best content, products, and services for your target audience. It also gives you a human element that your subscribers can connect to.

Following the above tips might seem like a lot of work, and while you’re learning there is definitely a curve to get over. Once you have a routine down it is a piece of cake though, and the benefits of doing things the right way cannot be understated.

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