Why does it need to secure the Whatsapp DP or profile picture?

Why does it need to secure the Whatsapp DP

As we know, almost nine people out of 10 are using Whatsapp in the world. It’s essential to upload a display picture on your WhatsApp account to let people identify you. Apart from this, it’s also necessary to keep safe your profile picture from strangers or whom you don’t want to show your display picture because the crimes are increasing in our society every single second. Criminals used to find different ways to target their crimes. Someone can misuse your Whatsapp DP. That’s why it’s essential to hide the profile picture from strangers. There are two ways in which applications allow you to do the same. Let’s have a look at those tricks and their overall procedure. Keep reading this article if you want to know more about it. 

Strangers privacy:

The latest versions on WhatsApp allow you to keep safe your Whatsapp DP from strangers through safety options. If you don’t want that someone who is not in your contact list and you didn’t know they won’t be able to watch your display picture. You should apply these security features provided by WhatsApp. To select the account setting first you have to go to the menu bar in your WhatsApp. You will find the privacy settings there, which allows you to set privacy to hide your display picture. You can choose only my contacts to do the same. By using this trick, you can keep safe your profile picture from strangers. 

Delete contact:

If you have a contact number in your contact list and you don’t recognize that number or the person who used that number it’s also essential to keep secure your WhatsApp profile picture from that WhatsApp account. You have applied the trick for showing your Profile picture only to your known ones. You just need to follow simple steps to hide the Whatsapp DP from the person you don’t want to share with. By deleting that unknown contact from your contact list, you will be able to do the same. This trick can help you to hide your display picture from the unknown contacts of your contact list. This is the best trick to get rid of the unwanted stealing of pictures.


If you didn’t have to apply the secure Whatsapp DP feature still or you don’t have the latest version of the application, and you are receiving messages from an unknown person. It’s essential to hide your display picture from that WhatsApp account. Blocking the contacts is a very simple way to get rid of people who can steal your DP. You have to open the chat of that unknown account. When you click on the menu bar, you will find a block option there. Block the contact simply by blocking after following this method. If you also want that some of your known WhatsApp accounts won’t be able to watch your display picture. In this case, this blocking trick will prove very useful to do the same. 


Here we have delivered the three ways to secure your Whatsapp DP. It is essential to apply these Whatsapp tricks and any other social media account to be safe from any miss-happening. Especially girls must have to use these security features on their WhatsApp account. Because the criminally minded people can misuse your photos and this misuse can cause a horrible crime with you. So we suggest you to always keep secure your photos from strangers. I hope these tricks will help you to do the same. Our experts will want to know your reviews on the same. 

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