Top 4 Simple Guidance To Export Contacts From iPhone To Excel

Top 4 Simple Guidance To Export Contacts From iPhone To Excel

In many cases we usually have different numbers of the same person saved several times in phone contacts. There is a problem with the quick contact with the person we need. We usually merge contacts to fix this problem. We often take a backup on the phone and fix that backup file in an Excel spreadsheet on the computer. But if you are an iPhone user this simple method becomes complicated for you. Because the settings of the iPhone are a little different from other phones. In this case, even if you keep your contacts in iCloud, it is difficult to take it later in Excel.

You may have searched a lot but can’t find the right information anywhere. Maybe you find it tough to understand. You are wondering how to export contacts from iPhone to excel. Then I will tell you that you have come to the right place. Today we are going to tell you how to export contacts from iPhone. Here are some tips to help you understand.

1. Process: Convert directly from iPhone to CSV.

There are many ways to export contacts from iPhone to Excel sheet, but this method is the most straightforward. But you have to download some third-party apps on your iPhone for that. These softwares change the format of the contacts to your needs and transfer them to Excel spreadsheets.

At first you should connect the iPhone with your computer. After activating some of the phone’s settings, you can send CSV files to Excel. For that first go to phone settings. There select the CSV file format and turn on the export option. Then save to connect to computer. You will see the PC option on the phone which you can click to connect the phone to the computer.

Select the contact option on the computer display and click on the transfer option. You can store it by exporting the CSV files as per your requirement. If necessary you can move it to the Excel spreadsheet later.

2. Process: Using Dr.Fone.

The easiest way to export contacts from iPhone to Excel without hassle is to use this toolkit on the computer. This toolkit is available for both Windows and Mac users. With this free toolkit, you can easily export your contacts. It can be used in a very simple way as it belongs to Wondershare.

You can export contacts from your iOS to PC as well as other media. This is where your biggest advantage is that you don’t have to use your iTunes to export all kinds of data. Let’s take a look at how to use Dr.Fone Phone Manager.

The first thing you need to do is connect your device to the computer. Then turn on Dr.Fone from PC. When the welcome screen appears, click on the transfer button.

Since the Dr.Fone toolkit is run automatically, it will find your device shortly. When it is turned on, a new window will open.

When you click the Information tab from the new window, you will see an interface of contacts and SMS on the left. From this panel, you can export contacts or send any SMS. Now of course we will inform you about contact export so you select the contact from the panel. Sometimes all the contacts of your phone will come. From here you can select all the contacts at once by clicking the contact or all you need. If you want, you can find specific contact from the search box.

Once the contact of your choice has been selected, you can take the contact to the PC as per your need by clicking on the export option. Here you have CSV, vCard, etc. methods

Find out. Since you want to export contacts to an Excel sheet, here you select the CSV option and click OK.

3. Process: Using Contacts Lite.

This is also an app for transferring your contacts that you will get from your phone’s store. This app works completely free of charge when transferring your contacts. You can exchange contacts in different formats according to your needs through this app. Basically this app works in a very simple way for you to export contacts to excel sheet. The methods of exporting contacts through Contacts Lite are discussed below.

To export contacts from iPhone to Excel, first download and install the app on your phone. Then launch the app.

Go to the export option of the app. Click the Allow button to allow permission to view contacts.

Select the group of contacts or specific ones according to your needs. You can select the option you need from the dropdown box below and click OK.

Then permission the default option. Click on Start option to start the process.

Create a file by converting your contacts to CSV format without any delay.

You can mail the CSV file in front of you at your convenience or keep it in iCloud or Google Cloud. You can transfer directly to your PC if you want.

4. Process: Through iCloud.

When you don’t agree to install third-party apps on your iPhone, the only easy way is to export contacts from iCloud to Excel. Although this method has to do with some problems. However, this method will help you to export your contacts. Let’s discuss the steps of exporting contacts from iCloud.

First back up contacts from your device in PSV format and save it to iCloud.

Make sure the cloud is synced from your device before you get in touch with iCloud. If that is not done, you need to turn on the sync option first.

Go to iCloud page from PC and login with your user ID. An border will open in front of you. Take the saved PSV file from here. Or you can select the contact option. You can see all the contacts of your phone here.

Select all contacts or specific contacts according to your needs.

Click the Export option from the left panel to export the selected contacts. Export will be downloaded in vCard format.

After all, you can convert your contacts from the PSV Converter web tool to a usable Excel spreadsheet.


IOS devices have more security than other Android phones, which is usually a bit of a problem. If you need to, you must want to merge phone contacts. In this case, if you use any of the above-mentioned methods, it will be convenient to export the contacts of iPhone to Excel.

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