How to Connect your Smartwatch with Android phones?

How to Connect your Smartwatch with Android phones

With the technological dispensation, smartwatches have proved to be essential devices. Samsung, Sony, and Huawei are part of the big brands that have played a significant role in unveiling various smartwatches. Besides some forums and blogs like She Worn keep an eye on top brand’s smartwatches and write ultimate reviews to guide watch customers. The watches are equipped with a touch screen interface and perform multiple tasks such as tracking sleep, monitoring heart rate, measuring ECH, and tracking blood oxygen. Some apps also come along with fitness apps. 

But, How do Smartwatches connect to Phones? Let’s go into the ways to connect.

Ways to connect Smartwatches with Android Phones

Method 1: Connecting through Bluetooth

This is one of the simplest ways of connecting your watch with your phones. Therefore, like any Bluetooth operation, you need to put on your Bluetooth. The process goes as follows;

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone
  • Turn on the discoverable mode
  • Put on your smartwatch
  • Pair your smartwatch with your phone. Here you should ensure the network should be stable and the Bluetooth must be on. After confirming that your Bluetooth is on, click Scan Devices or Search for Devices. Within the list of devices, select smartwatch. A code will pop up. All you need is to ensure that your phone’s code is similar to that of the smartwatch. To connect the two devices, click the pair on your phone. 

Method 2: Use the Speedup Smartwatch

If the Bluetooth way is not working, then you should consider the speedup smartwatch. All you need is the speedup append follow the following guide;

  • Download and install the Speedup Smartwatch App. All you need is just going to the play store and you will find the apps. 
  • Put on your phone’s Bluetooth
  • Turn on discovery mode
  • Launch the speedup smartwatch app. Here you should follow the instructions. 
  • Pair the speedup smartwatch with the phone. Ensure that your phone has a stable connection and the Bluetooth is on. Open the speedup watch app and search for the smartwatch. Once the pairing message appears and then tap the tick sign on the watch. And then click the paired port on the phone. If done rightly, the pair will be successful in the shortest time possible. To confirm that it’s successful, click the send notification option of the phone, if it vibrates the connection is successful. 

Take Note

As mentioned above when pairing your phone with a smartwatch, you should ensure that various aspects are incorporated. The first thing is your Bluetooth. The Bluetooth is the primary component for the entire expedition. Otherwise, without Bluetooth, the whole exercise will not succeed.

Therefore, ensure that the Bluetooth is on. The other component is a stable network. A stable network will make the exercise simple. 

Regarding speedup, the smartwatch is all about downloading the app. The app can be found on the play store. Then you will have the same process of using Bluetooth to connect.

Benefits of Smartwatches

Smartwatches have more benefits than normal watches. Some of the benefits include;

  • You can use a smartwatch to operate your phone from anywhere
  • You can use your watch to monitor daily activities such as sleeping habits and exercises 
  • The water can be used to monitor the functioning of your blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart. 
  • It will keep time as whereas with other functions

What is the function of the sedentary reminder in a watch?

A sedentary reminder is a function designed in a smartwatch to remind the watch’s user that he or she has overstayed in one place. The term sedentary implies a situation being constant for a long term especially sitting for a long time. 

Bottom line

Connecting your smartwatch to your phone is not a challenging task. All you need is to follow the above guide and everything will be well.

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