How Can Parents Remotely Manage Children’s Phone?

Parents Remotely Manage Children’s Phone

Parents are clueless about kids online activities. Often, they think their kids are working on a science project; however, the truth is something else.

To identify kids’ real activity online, it is essential that parents remotely manage children’s phone. But is this a far-fetched dream? Not anymore!

The good news is that the remote-control app features of Bit Guardian Parental Control app are here to rescue.

Why Do You Need to Remotely Monitor Kid’s Phone? 

The online world is flooded with a massive number of dangerous goons, hidden under the protection of computer codes.

Although invisible they are active online. It is hard to identify them, but their traces can be observed if dealt smartly on the internet. 

Here are some digital dangers which parents need to monitor in kids’ device:


Teens are under the impression that sending and receiving naked pictures, sexual messages, or compromised videos is “COOL and TRENDY.”

But what they fail to comprehend is that all the information is getting captured online.

Right from the messages to the pictures, anyone and anybody can get access.

Cyberbullying alert

Cyberbully starts at playgrounds or classrooms but gradually starts manifesting in online chat rooms. Out of fear of being exploited, more kids entertain such abusive ill-treatment on chat rooms.

Seniors target more and more kids in school for money or sexual pleasure. 

Personal Information

Identity thefts are everywhere, in every nook and corner. They look for opportunities to get hold of ID details of soft targets like kids and use it for some ulterior motive.

Identity numbers like social security number, driving license, email, house address, etc.

are sensitive information, which are potential details for official documents. Imagine what identity thefts can do with such confidential information?

Excessive screen time

Health can never be compromised at any age. And with kids, health is a riskier subject compared to adults, as they are continuously developing.

Prolonged use of smartphones or gadgets is an alarming situation for parents.  Health issues such as poor eyesight, constant headaches, postural problems, etc. are just some of the preliminary issues. 

Online reputation

Children fail to understand the significance of maintaining a quality online image, but parents do. Most institutes or corporates make a decision of hiring candidates based on online reputation.

It is safe to assume that carrying an acceptable social media account is mandatory in today’s digital world. 

Suspicious callers

Calling is an everyday business, both adults and kids are making calls for work or leisure. However, with kids one aspect is different. They are immature to handle calls from strangers or unknown people.

Either they end up giving confidential data or become a target of a blackmailer. Possibilities of falling in trouble are high on calls because the time of reaction is less. 

Kids are gullible and end up exchanging private details on the phone.

Online predators

The online world is the adobe of child predators. They build a friendship with kids through messaging apps or online portals. And ask children to perform uncomfortable activities such as watching sex videos and pictures.

Child predators are taking over video chatting portals and become even more harmful for children.

By now, we are sure that kids’ safety is at stake on online portals and digital world. And just not YOUR child but many innocent kids have fallen prey to nasty actions and wrongdoings in the online world.

Remote Control App Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

  •     App Blocker
  •     GPS Location Finder
  •     Geofencing
  •     Overspeed Alert
  •     Calls 

In times of crisis, you look for the best solution to handle the situation. Before your kids fall in any unanticipated online carelessness, you should start tracking them.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is an Android-based platform which allows easy tracking and monitoring of kids’ digital activities. Parents can get a clue of applications used by kids, callers in their contact list and track their whereabouts. 

GPS enabled monitoring makes the app highly appealing for parents. Every second, you get the best and latest location of the kid; in fact, you can track their entry and exit from one site to another using the Geofencing.

Parents can leverage the GPS facility to keep a check on a teen’s over speeding habits while driving on the streets.

There are many ways to secure kids in the digital world. But a parental control app is the best chance your kid will not face any untoward situation in the future

Bit Guardian Parental Control App Download it now!

So, remotely manage children’s phone by using the leading Android apps in the market- Bit Guardian Parental Control.

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