How Big Brands are Doing Marketing in 2019

Big Brands are Doing Marketing in 2019

Marketing has changed a lot over time as new tools and platforms have been in introduced. A business needs to have a detailed marketing plan otherwise it will fall behind the competition. Without marketing, the business will not be able to spread the word about their products and services. You cannot expect the people to find out about whatever you are selling on their own. There are a lot of companies that will be offering them the same thing.

The purpose of a marketing strategy is to find ways to reach the target audience and convince them that you have the best they can find in the market. The marketing trends change with consumer habits. If you fail to adopt the marketing according to the consumer habits then it will be hard for them to get the attention of the potential buyers. Stale marketing is not going to increase profits.

Here are a few marketing trends in 2019 that should be a part of businesses’ marketing strategy.


The live chat option and chatbots are not something that is new to marketing but they are becoming an important part of marketing nowadays. The use of chatbots for marketing is expected to increase in the future. They are becoming popular because they are effective in improving the customer service of the business.

The quality of customer service plays a huge role in attracting and retaining customers. Customers’ always expect the company to respond and if a business fails to do that they go to another one that has a better response time. The chatbots make sure that the company is able to respond without any delay and make a good impression on the people. They also make it easier for customers to communicate with the company representatives.

Chatbots make it possible to provide twenty-four hour customer service. The website design should feature a chatbot that automatically pops up when a customer opens the website. You can hire Graphic design companies London to make sure you have a great website. Marketers have identified the potential of the chatbots and making them an essential part of marketing strategy.

Personalized recommendations:

The customer experience plays a huge role in success of the business. If the customers have a bad experience shopping at your website or store then they will avoid doing that again even if you have the best quality to offer. To make sure that the customers have the best shopping experience the companies are making use of artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms allow businesses to offer personalize the shopping experience. The algorithms use previous shopping details to recommend items that the customers will be interested in. The personalized recommendations are effective in increasing sales.

Social media ads:

Social media is a powerful and effective marketing tool and it is becoming more and more important for successful marketing. The paid social media ads are nothing new but the trends are changing as most businesses prefer on Instagram and Facebook to post their ads. They are the preferred choice because they have features and formats that make it easier for companies to create ads that target the right people based on the needs of the business and are effective in increasing the conversion rate. Other social sites do not offer the same be and not as effective for marketing.

Predictive analysis;

Predictive analysis is quickly gaining popularity. It uses artificial intelligence and learning algorithms to improve automation efforts and segment the customers in a better and more efficient way. An excellent way of using predictive analysis is to prequalify the leads and come up with a better scoring system. When you are able to identify the top potential customers you will be able to increase the conversion rate.

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