6 Brilliant Tips To Crush Social Media Marketing in 2019

social media marketing

Top marketing consulting firms would tell you that if you want to grow your business, social media is the perfect way to do that in this era. Social media solidifies branding, creates quality leads, and drastically helps in boosting the sales for your business. However, if you don’t do the right things and make smart strategies, it can prove to be wastage of time, effort, and money.

If you want to survive on social media, you need to overcome some basic obstacles. Some of the key aspects which help to achieve success on social media marketing are creating high-performing content, effective measurement of analytics, and of course, patience.

TIP #1: Identify Your Audience

Unless you don’t target a specific audience, your message won’t be effective. You need to develop a relevant buyer persona to get results on social media. Start off by reviewing your happy clients. Those clients who have been pleased by your product or service in the past will be the very foundation. To understand who you should be targeting, study their demographics, industries, and their goals.

TIP #2: Carefully Select The Platforms

Figure out what platforms will reap you the most benefits by first analysing who needs your products or service. For example, Facebook can be great if you’re selling directly to the audience. Instagram and Snapchat are favourable if you are targeting a younger audience and if you are marketing to other companies, LinkedIn can create wonders. Now, figure out what channels are your competitors using.

TIP #3: Be Consistent

If you want to be outstanding on social media marketing, you need to post regularly. You don’t always need to create content. Just be consistent in sharing stuff if you don’t feel like creating for a while. The more content you put out, the larger will be your reach and the more people you will be able to influence.

TIP #4: Leverage Influencers

Influencer recommendations are the real deal now. Almost 50% of the buyers seek influencer reviews before they actually buy stuff. Reach out to these influencers and build good relationships. You can extend an offer later on to promote your product.

Bonus Tip: Only focus on building relationships with influencers who have organic and authentic followers. There are a lot of influencers with fake followers who won’t be able to provide you value.

Tip #5: Grow your Audience

It’s really important to grow your audience but it is super-toxic to get caught up in the number of followers. Focus on building a community that actually cares about what you do. Any good marketing consulting firm would advise you to stay away from fake followers

TIP #6: Engage With Your Audience

It is highly important to engage with your audience. Respond to all the comments, answer the questions, and engage with the content of others. Also, use relevant hashtags. There are many apps that can help you find the best tags so that you can perform better on social media platforms. You can also tag people in your stories to add a personal touch.

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