5 Most Used WordPress SEO Plugin For Website


Websites in the current times derive traffic mainly from search engines. Ranking higher in search results is possible with website optimization that will ultimately lead to business growth.

But a WordPress Development website comprises of many elements like keyword targeting for blog posts, whether the content is decipherable or not, etc.

Due to these reasons, the employment of a WordPress SEO Plugin is a must. Bringing in robust stats, backlink information & keyword rankings nowadays is easy with the availability of free SEO plugins.

Earn a fortune with powerhouse tools in 2020

SEO friendly is a major characteristic of WordPress but it is also something “out of the box”. WordPress SEO Plugin of numerous kinds is available and your online business can actually up its game by making a few more additions.

Turn your website today into a complete SEO powerhouse with these plugins that will not only render SEO success but elevated search engine rankings as well.

Yoast SEO:

This is an all in one SEO plugin as it helps you in enhancing WordPress SEO by website optimization & fabricating better content. The tool makes sure you are on the correct path in context to page analysis.

It functions by scanning pages for images and makes sure every page comprises of an alt tag which matches with primary keyword. Its features are:

  • Functionality of XML Sitemaps
  • Page analysis instrument
  • Technical WordPress SEO

Yoast is the best SEO plugin WordPress as it carries the finest support & resources. This plugin is also updated every 2 weeks.

Alexa Toolbar:

Alexa ranking system is a highly renowned one as it precisely displays the performance of your website. Gaining a good rank in this system means, in Google too, you will have a very good ranking.

Worrying about all the algorithms is not necessary if your website content is attractive & unique. Installing Alexa toolbar for enhancing the Alexa ranking of your WordPress website is highly important.

Adding Alexa rank extension in a web browser is a must as only then you can track information such as load time, the site linked in, website rank, etc.


This keyword planner extension comes with an an-inclusive toolset that helps in growing online traffic. It is beneficial for businesses of every size, SEO experts, bloggers, etc.

Ranking easily with this WordPress SEO Plugin is possible as it lets you discover search terms & organic keywords. Anyone can engage in competitive research with this extension as then chalking out keywords that competitors opt for becomes visible.

Google Search Console:

If looking for an SEO plugin, this is one of the best Google SEO tools that you will come across. Overviewing and maintaining the website presence in search results of Google is no longer a hassle with Google Search Console.

This tool displays the keywords your site is ranking for, impressions, anchor texts and a lot more. This data can help locate keywords where ranking higher easily is possible with content optimization. Such keyword data can also help you with ideas for your next blog post.

Additional Helpful Resources:

Rank Math:

The one question that bloggers and marketers can’t get out of their minds is – how to improve SEO WordPress. No matter how many tactics you employ, incorrect choosing of the plugin can make or break your online game.

However, Rank Math is one of those SEO press WordPress plugins that comprises of the prowess of numerous plugins and brings it all in a single easily manageable plugin. It is also very lightweight.

Managing on-page SEO of products, posts and pages & controlling no archive and no index Meta tags of taxonomies become easier with this tool


Every WordPress SEO Plugin is different carrying varied functions. Depending on the nature of your online business, you need to choose the correct one.

Apprehend readability difficulty, engage in website optimization, understand keyword density like never before with the help of these plugins. Hire experts today who are experienced and know which plugin will suit best for your website. Move forward with these experts for a lucrative online business.


  1. Which is the most lightweight SEO plugin?
    • Rank Math
  2. Which is the finest SEO plugin for page optimization?
    • Yoast SEO
  3. Which misc. An SEO plugin is the best?
    • Copyscape & Broken Link Checker

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