6 Reasons You Must Look at WordPress Themes and Plugins of your Competitors

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Wondering how to spy on your competitor’s sites? Well, there are a number of ways you can gain a competitive edge by spying. There are a number of ways you can determine the WordPress plugins and themes your competitors are using these days.

You will also be able to know how precisely you can benefit from the info.

Feeling guilty of spying? Well, this is no sin because you aren’t doing this for copying someone else’s efforts. The spying is for the sake of enhancing your own website better and making it more competitive.

In fact, the process isn’t any different from having a look at successful and popular websites for inspiration. This may also be seen as using workflow shortcuts such as JavaScript or CSS snippets libraries used by other developers.

In reality, you are actually taking a sneak peek at strategies and tools used by others for creating brilliant outcomes. You can use these for enhancing your own website and help it survive and have an edge over the competition.

So if you are serious about your WordPress site gathering huge popularity and make gigantic moves, have a close look at WordPress themes and plugins of your competitors. This will help you discover the latest trends and get more creative than your competition.

Some of the other benefits of spying competitor’s site include the following:

1. Easing the Load of being New to Web Development

Being new to web development may overwhelm you. Since there’s too much info available online in the form of articles, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, and much more, it is natural to get confused.

The best thing to do is have a check on the plugins that worked well for competitors.

2. Get Inspired

Let’s assume you happen to stumble upon a website or one of your clients sends it saying he likes it and you find it extremely impressive.

Now before actually plowing through some of the CSS or JavaScript tutorials, it is wise to know if a theme or plugin can be used or have been used.

The entire project may be super easy and can be done via installing a plugin to get desired results.

3. Discovery a New Solution

At times, web developers and even the top web design companies may find the process of developing websites quite frustrating. Sometimes you might want to add a specific function to a WordPress site.

However, the coding to execute the entire vision effectively may be a huge struggle.Later on, you might find that another website has done it really well.

Who knows, you might find out that a plugin has actually helped with the feature?

4. Understanding the Significance of Plugins or Themes

It is possible to rely on a brand new theme or plugin even if there aren’t ample customer ratings to validate the effectiveness.

Sometimes, you may get to know about a site developed by a professional web developer who uses a new plugin. This will definitely help you to convince realize the importance of themes and plugins.

5. Knowing What to Avoid

It is possible to use the new-found talent to spy on plugins and themes of competitor’s websites. This way, you can determine the factors that are making a website look abysmal or perform horrifyingly.

Hence, once you encounter a site with something clearly wrong and you wish to avoid that in your own project.

6. Beating the Competition with Data

Once you know about the way a WordPress plugin or theme functions, it is possible to utilize that specific data to your benefit. Let’s assume a direct competitor to site uses a free WordPress theme.

It also has most of the functionality run by Jetpack. So it is wise to rely on free tools. This will help you make smarter web development choices that influence visitors to make a choice on site you design over others.

You might also have ideas to enhance the speed and overall performance of the website. This can be done via investing in a lightweight and very high-quality WordPress theme.

Other solutions include the addition of a CDN, installation of a top-rated caching plugin such as Hummingbird.

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