What are the Criteria’s For Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Company or Person?

Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. To be exact it is the fifth most visited website in the world with almost 40 million visits regularly. The website offers a number of features to the individuals who have a page there. It makes them be visible to people from all around the world and global presence could be one of the best benefits of the website. Moreover, the ability to record the data of page activities is another attraction make people have considerations on making the page out there. Also, the visits as mentioned are another reason that people look to get a page there.

The website was created as an online encyclopedia and the in-house page creation was proposed at the start but with the realization that it is not possible to get the objectives of making a website the biggest online encyclopedia to be achieved while working in-house and this made the founders to take a decision to make the Wikipedia be open for anyone. However, to maintain the quality of information they came up with a number of criteria’s that would be required to be fulfilled if a company or a person wants to make the Wikipedia page. Here are the criteria’s that are critically assessed and required in order to make a Wikipedia page.

It Should Not Be Controversial

There is no room for controversial topics, subjects, and personalities on Wikipedia. Since it is an online encyclopedia thus it does not appreciate the fact that controversial topics should be posted on it and this is the reason that it directly disapproves them. Even the creating professional Wikipedia page cannot get your controversial topics approved from the platform.

It Should Have Been Mentioned By Authentic and Reliable Sites

Referencing is a major part of Wikipedia page creation. Backing up the information with the best sources is what is required when you are making a page. This requirement has made one more criterion for people who are thinking to create a Wikipedia page. If you are not listed or mentioned by some of the best and authentic platforms then you might not be able to get the Wikipedia. But you can work on this point as creating notability could be done through guest posting and making some press releases.

Written Content Should Be Formal and Non-promotional

Well, since Wikipedia was created with the thoughts of making an online encyclopedia thus the Wikipedia pages are required to be written in a formal and non-promotional tone. No direct marketing of products should be done on a Wikipedia page. This is one of the major requirements in contemporary times because people thought that Wikipedia could be used for their marketing purposes.

It Must Not Target Any Individual or Group

Another important criteria of getting things done in the context of Wikipedia page creation is that by any means the subject or topic must not target any group or individual through the content. If you are targeting or harming any individual or group it might get your page to be deleted from the platform or at the first place it might even have the problems to get the same approved.

These are the 4 guidelines or requirements that are included in the criteria for making a page for an individual or an organization. These criteria’s have been mentioned by Wikipedia itself and thus it could be said that these are important if you want to create a Wikipedia page. Moreover, a number of other things are included in the guidelines and requirements, these things are related to different domains which are why it could be said. One thing to get it solved is to get to a Wikipedia professional or Wikipedia page creation service as they have got the best ideas of how to play with the requirements and guidelines. They can make it easy for you to get your page approved on the platform and prevented from deletion.

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