What Are The Best iPhone Apps For Business


With the iPhone, you can meet your diverse business requirements. With iPhone as your mobile device, you can experience the magic of ultra-security of TouchID, the ability to move smoothly between your iPhone and Mac with Handoff, a super fast processor to run simultaneous tasks. With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone as an apt medium to enable the smooth purchase of services and goods. All these attributes make it a suitable device to strike a balance between your personal and professional front.

In this post we will discuss about important business applications created for iPhone.

There are different types of mobile app development services that can be used to make personalized  business apps for your iPhone.

The following list will give you a clear idea in this regard

The business apps for iPhone will enable you to be in touch with the trending business news. The main advantage of business apps is that you can remain in touch with your profession even when on the go. Iphone business apps will help you with document editing, accounting, devising measures for strategic decisions etc by integrating vital business tools.

To create purposeful apps for your business with respect to iOS platform you can approach an established iPhone application development company.


This is one of the popular apps which serve as your personal assistant in growing and managing your professional contacts. With this app, you can create a simple view of all companies and people with whom you have already dealt with. This apart it will also help you in combining the contact information along with the shared history covering messages, email exchange, call records, files along with social media interaction.

The functioning of Cloze does not end here. The AI component of the app detects deadlines and key dates and then club those on a personal agenda. There are handy reminders to help you remember when to reach out to any contacts. Then there is an intelligent search feature which helps in finding contacts easily when needed.


You may feel burdened if you are required to spend huge time making notes for meetings. However, with Cogi, the voice memo app you can be sure not to miss any points of your business conference or meetings. It buffers up to 45 seconds of audio enabling you to capture the exact sayings by a simple click of a button. You just need to open the app during the start of your meeting and you can tap it when some key points are mentioned. These moments are grouped together in the app and you can also add additional notes or texts and photos later on. Thus you can fetch your audio recordings in one clear cut organized session.

This app can be downloaded free for iOS.


With this app, you are free to choose subjects or topics on which you need real-time updates. It is basically a magazine-style app which offers tailor-made contents particularly for you.

Genius Scan:

Genius Scan helps in easy transferring and recording of information for those who need to track their business documents while on the go. Using the camera of your iPhone it scans your documents to JPEG or PDF format. The documents include-receipts, invoices, letters and many more. The documents scanned can be either sent through email or can even be exported to other apps like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox etc.

From the home page of the app, the users can either browse through previously scanned files or can even select the scanner. The quality of the documents scanned depends on the specifications of the phone’s camera. This app is equipped with other tools like document tagging, editing, image enhancing, pin protection/TouchID etc.

The magic mode of Genius Scan enables in scanning by auto-detection. The batch mode, on the other hand, facilitates in scanning ample pages at one go.


This is one of the popular solutions for email marketing. Using it you can easily distribute and create newsletters. It actually enables you to create profile notes, add new subscribers, edit lists, etc. This apart, with the help of the analytics you can also see how the campaigns of your newsletter are doing. You can also include your team with multi-user accounts for a comprehensive discussion.

This app also comes free of cost for iOS.

Account Tracker Pro:

In order to ensure success for your business, you have to keep a detailed eye on your finances. With this app, you can have the company’s cash flow in the palm of your hand. With its intuitive interface, you can utilize diverse features-budget planning, reports, alerts, reminders, along with multi-currency support. You do not have to be bothered about losing your account statements or financial records as this app has a feature of syncing functionality and automatic backup.

Account Tracker Pro is highly compatible with Apple watch. It means that without unlocking your phone you can still view budgets and account balances.


This post has given you a comprehensive view of various business apps for the iPhone. The business apps can facilitate in managing your business smoothly and with convenience. To create personalized business apps for your iPhones, you can experience an array of mobile app development services.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a popular iPhone application development company. He takes a keen interest in deploying the latest technologies for creating distinctive business apps to engage users. In his free time, he reads and writes blogs to make people updated about the upcoming trends for creating business apps for iPhones.

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