Top steps to see who viewed your Instagram?

how to see who viewed your Instagram

As we all know the social media sites never allows their users to understand how many people visited their profile. But the third-party app can do it. If you want to know how to see who viewed your Instagram, you can get help from third-party applications that allow you to do it. There are a vast number of apps available on Google play store for this purpose. Users always wonder about which to choose. 

Top 10 Insta insight applications:

Insight for Instagram

This application has the efficiency to be on the top first of the list. Its eco-friendly feature can provide you the details of those stalkers who follow, unfollows, or block on Instagram. 

Second best application Follower Analyzer

One can get all the information about who used to visit their profile regularly through installing it from Google play store. The ios users can get this application on the Apple store. This application also allows getting to know who is interested in your shared pictures and videos. 

Third best application Tracker, Analyzer App

Absolutely a free application and have the efficiency to be in the top 10 lists. This application allows you to know about your profile Insta Stalker quickly. It used to pop up a notification on your phone when someone engaged in stalking your profile and watching the pictures and videos shared on your profile. 

Fourth best application Follower Tracker

This is an app that stands proudly in this list because of its eco-friendly surface. It helps you not to question yourself anymore that how one can know about my Instagram stalkers.  Once you have installed it in your android or IOS device, you will get the answer. 

 Fifth best application Insights for Instagram

The accuracy of this app is doubtless. It stands in this list proves it as an official and well-functioning app. It helps to get the information on Instagram ghosts (stalkers), followers, and stories.  

 Sixth best application Follow Meter

Over the three million users this application has. This data already proved why it is standing in the top 10 of this list. It is also known as the Instagram manager. It helps to fulfill various purposes like getting information about your insta Stalker, who likes your post and follows or unfollows your profile and also for getting more followers. 

Seventh best application Visitors Pro

It is another best answer to your question that who used to visit my Instagram profile regularly. It helps to get your answer through calculating data of the Instagram users that recently visited your profile. 

Eighth best application Ig Analyzer

Being in the top 10 of the list in any service is quite tricky. It is standing here on this list, then because of its elementary running functions. It is one of the quickest results providing the application Google play store has. 

Ninth best application Social View

An application with the best surface and provides the quick results is worth to be in the top 10 list. This application allows getting reports daily of your Instagram stalkers. 

Tenth best application Social Plus

Last but not least, the application which sincerely answers your question for Instagram ghosts or stalkers. Its users consider it as an app that gives 100% accurate results. 

We hope you have got the top ten answers to your question about how to see who viewed your Instagram. No cost is taken by users for these applications. Install one from all these applications and step forward to get a quick result of your Instagram stalker’s information.

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