Top Mysterious Applications You Need To Know About


We’ve always wondered or hoped about apps making our lives easier or even fulfilling wild dreams. Say something like cramming and segregating our reminders, travel details and emailed info at a single glance with minimal effort to even a feature that made repetitive tasks just done for you. Look no further for this is a small and informative list on “Top Mysterious Applications You Need to Know About”.


1.Google trips

Google Trips helps in finding new places in this world by a much better way by consolidating your necessary information in one app and which you can even use offline.

This app helps you in receiving activity ideas created on what’s close, you can even customize your plans for your day, and your travel routines synced with your Google account.

It’s a one tap solution for managing trips and easy traveling is the most fun after all.




Yes, your friends and family alike have to annoy you with their preferred chat apps cluttering your notifications and spamming text boxes onto your face. This messenger union is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Disa unites your messaging and communication services flawlessly while keeping your device from cluttering.

The design is pretty clean and the features are constantly being updated. Speaking about updates, it is in beta mode though.



This my friend is the genie app wishing into fruition your “commands”. It’s all about the “if this then that”…. If one asks about what exactly this app can do, well the mind’s the limit with around 400 supported apps at least.

The app is best known for repeating tedious commands over and over again. If getting things done for you is not your style (Why tho?), at least check the app…It’s pretty neat.



Just like a phone can increase your productivity, it can also decrease it. Well, no more, (OFFTIME) allows you to track and customize your interaction (limits phone usage) so you are able to do the things that matter.

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Unplug your device, digital cleansing and concentrate on your work, have the quality time you’ve always wanted without distractions and with the people you care about, or simply enjoy some peace of mind.

A special mention for the app ‘Forest’ that does the same thing but a bit more intuitively.


5. Photoscan by Google Photos

Like the ever-popular Camscanner that takes pictures of pages and turns it into documents, the name will suggest that PhotoScan is a recent scanner app from Google Photos that lets you scan and convert your old printed photos into the digitized format using the phone’s camera. “Where your old photos meet new technology”.

Download Link:

6. HabitHub

Habit Hub

Taking productivity to a whole new level, “The Habit Hub” is an empowering app that is used to track your habits, help you accomplish goals and finally renew yourself. If you’ve got a habit you want to inculcate, this will help you. (Hope you achieve what you want…)


7. Anymote

Got an IR blaster? Well, you’ve got yourself a universal remote with this app. Any TV, A/C or playback device you want to control and your phone are all you’ll ever need.




Just another advantage over iOS devices is android’s capability for torrent support. Flud is a simple and powerful BitTorrent client for Android.

The app has features spanning selective downloads to no upload or downloads limits. A must try for “torrentors” out there.


9. Light Flow

Light Flow

We’ve gotta talk about customization in an android app list and this app can change almost everything about your notifications from led color to vibration pattern for different notifications. Downloading the lite version is first advised before purchasing the cheap paid version to avoid any disappointment.


10. Retroarch

The only app you’ll ever need replacing all your retro emulators and combining it into a single app. The installation is based on cores and not so simple setup. But with the right tutorials, a very fluid gameplay is expected.


11. Splitwise


Splitwise is one of the best ways to share bills and split tax and make sure that everyone gets paid back and tabs are maintained. Spliwise is used to divide the house bills, split amounts during outings or even estimating amounts during trips.

A very easy and adaptable interface with all the hard math done by the app including email reminders and certain payment access too.


12. Dreamlab

Feeling philanthropic? Dreamlab is a very interesting app that costs almost nothing. DreamLab is an award-winning app that uses a lot of additive calculation from smartphones all around. Cancer is one of the biggest reasons for premature death in the world, and its research is very essential and requires a lot of processing. Every time the phone is plugged in processing power is borrowed to do such research.



These are the some of the apps that are not familiar with many of you, if we miss any application you can mention them below in the comment box. We provided the download links to all the apps with them. So, we hope you don’t have any problem in downloading those apps. If you have any suggestions you can also mention them in the comment box.

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