Top 3 Social Media in the world of 2019

Social Media

You may have used many social media in this digital ear. There is no one who is under the internet but doesn’t use any social media till now.

However, there is the too big question on your mind that…….

Which social media are the top-notch in this digital era?

We’ve tried to enlist here to let your thoughts clear. Let’s look at a glance.

Top 3 Social Media websites of 2019

Here is the ultimate list of the top three social websites list. Create an account for you bang on if you don’t have yet.


There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best and most famous social media throughout the world at present, along with two billion active users each and every month. Statistics show that there are more than 65 million businessmen have Facebook business pages while more than 6 million business pages are being promoted each and every day.

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Facebook. He started his journey in 2004. In the beginning, Facebook was familiar as a photo comparing website where two same-age men or women are to compare. And mass-people would vote who is the hottest one of them.


There is no one in this digital world who used the internet but didn’t consume YouTube videos yet. It’s impossible as much as I can guess. To inform you, YouTube is not only a search engine but also a world-famous social-media. The reason behind being a world-famous video consuming website is people feel like watching videos instead of reading text content.

YouTube has more than 1.9 billion active users all over the world at this time. As it has a vast number of active users who are continuously consuming videos, it’s a great chance for those who want to be a famous person to the mass-people of their country. Besides, YouTube will be helpful for you if you need to brand your business across the world.


After researching enough, we can tell it directly. You don’t need to try to get a good job nowadays if you don’t have any idea about LinkedIn. The reason is that LinkedIn is a world-famous job sharing website from the very beginning. People would create a LinkedIn account to get a prospective job.

As a human being of this digital era, you just need to have a LinkedIn account with your previous working experience.

To get a good job right now, make sure that you have enlisted all the necessary documents and also fulfilled with the real data.

However, to buy LinkedIn accounts, you must visit this website. Here, you’ll be able to buy bulk LinkedIn accounts to promote your business on LinkedIn.

Final thought:

To sum up, though social media is an essential weapon of this technological era, yet you should not be addicted to social media. There are many bedsides to having lots of social media accounts.

Make sure that you’re using social media, otherwise, social media will use you to make revenues.

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