How To Write For Social Media To Create The Best Posts

Most businesses move to the social media these days. They say that almost everyone they know has an account on at least one social network, or even if they don’t, they search the Internet when they need answers. So, not being on the social media makes no sense unless you want your business to fail.

However, just being present there won’t help. You should be there and introduce your readers to some quality content to become really loved and noticed.

Unfortunately for some of you, the tendencies in creating such content change so fast that you might find it hard to follow them.

For this reason, we have decided to craft an article in which you will find everything you need to remember when working on content which will go viral and make your product sell. So, all of you who need a piece of advice in this area, please keep reading, as there is a lot of information no one ever shared with you before.

8 ways to write for social media to help your posts go viral

1. Start with a brilliant title.

Readers get to see so many articles and posts every day that they have to choose what to read very carefully. They have limited time, so only the articles with fantastic titles are selected. Unfortunately, a lot of articles with brilliant content are left without attention only because the title sounded too ordinary or even boring.

So, when writing titles, consider using smart words like “amazing,” “fantastic,” “groundbreaking,” etc. They draw the attention of readers in the first place. Besides, you can use numbers. For some reason, users tend to choose articles which have numbers in their titles. They say that when they see numbers, they conclude that the article is well-structured and informative. So, instead of wasting time and reading a vast amount of words which make no difference, they end up reading quality information which is worth something.

Finally, you can sound controversial. People who disagree with you will keep on reading just to find out how you are backing up your position while those whom you caught by surprise will finish the text just to see why you believe in this or that.

So, no matter the strategy you choose, make your titles catchy.

2. Keep it short

There is no problem with long reads in a blog created for a group of people used to reading a lot. However, most users of social media are more used to getting valuable information put in only a few words. So, if you want to keep them interested, you should craft posts of an optimal length. Study this question more to meet readers’ expectations.


On top of that, different social platforms have limitations on a number of characters. For instance, a post on Twitter should be no longer than one hundred characters. You won’t fit more, and the users who share your tweet will only take twenty-four first characters of those you crafted. So, if you want to write effectively, make it fit the big picture.

3. Use proper grammar.

There is nothing like a poor grammar to kill great content. People who do not realize the significance of their grammar should think about it this way: you are creating an image which hopefully is positive. So, when making mistakes in writing, you make the users think that they cannot trust you. If you are not capable of writing correctly, then how can you deliver high-quality services?

On top of that, remember about proofreading online.

So, consider taking a grammar course or paying for professional editing of each post. You can take any measures you want; just ensure the highest level of grammar possible.

4. Add visual aids

Go to your social media profile, open the news feed and check out how many of your friends share long reads as opposed to those who post images. We can say for sure that there are more people posting pictures than those actually writing. That is why we strongly recommend you adding more visual aids to whatever you are crafting at the moment.

There is an extensive list of things you can add including videos, pictures, themed images, or even infographics. Add some text to the pictures for the even better result and enjoy an increased number of shares.

5. Write professionally

A lot of businesses strive to save some money and create content on their own. Unfortunately, they do not realize how they can damage their image by doing so. It is better for them to pay a professional to compose good articles than craft pieces of a horrible quality by themselves and ruin the good image a company has created.

Professional writers know everything about the perfect content plan, materials to use for it as well as other important features which might turn ordinary writing into successful one. Don’t save money by risking the quality of the text. A paid professional can bring in more than you think!


6. Create lists and guidance

Think of the main reasons people go online these days. They search for answers on how to do something. That is the reason why you should focus on delivering information which answers such questions. Consider writing posts which show how something can be done. This can grab more attention and increase your traffic.

And if talking about lists, consider adding them too, as users tend to like them as well. The thing with them is that they help them comprehend information in a convenient and quick way. Instead of reading huge chunks of information, they get to see it all in the form of a list. Give each new point in a list a catchy title and you are likely to make such post go viral as soon as the readers realize how great its content is.

7. Challenge readers

Sometimes users need a real push to start doing something. If you are good at crafting such content, then challenge readers to do something they are not used to doing. Invite them to take up this challenge and follow your lead. People love being a part of something, especially if you mention that there is a prize in the end or that they are going to change their lives by doing what you suggest. Use this chance too.



8.    Only post fresh ideas.


There are so many similar articles out there! They do no good to the companies posting them, as they lose an image of an expert but rather position themselves as an untrustworthy source of information. Don’t become like them and only talk when you have something worthy to say.

We hope that this information helped you a lot. Choose to follow our advice and enjoy the results of increased traffic, better customers’ engagement and bigger sales if you are presenting a product online. Crafting content can be tough, but with correct tips on where to start as well as where to move, you will have no problems with it at all. If you have something to add, you may do this in the comment section below, we are always happy to hear your opinion. Start right now and good luck!

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