How To Use SEO for Brand Marketing

SEO for Branded Traffic

Brand traffic is the visits based on queries in addition to the main search phrase containing the brand name. From the best seo expert Los Angeles point of view, this concept can be considered broader, and include not only search queries with a mention of the brand but also all Type-in ​​traffic entering the site. In other words, we are talking about direct visits, when users arrive at a page by entering its URL into the address bar of a search engine. Also, branded traffic, albeit with a greater stretch, but quite rightly includes transitions from browser bookmarks.

For Google, such search scenarios are powerful signals that the resource is popular, has its own loyal audience, and deserves certain preferences in the ranking. This feature can be clearly seen on sites without classical SEO optimization but due to their recognition and a large flow of branded traffic, are able to stay at the top for the most competitive queries. You don’t have to bother coming up with examples whose pages even in a completely empty form and according to not always relevant queries reach the first positions in the search results.

The brand factor and its impact on SEO

It might seem like the miraculous effect of branded traffic is a story about exclusively large commercial sites. This is not true. Brand inquiries allow you to effectively promote not only business, but also informational, as well as any other projects. Now, briefly about how it works and what gives branded traffic to the site.

High rankings and good CTR

Having provided the page with minimal internal optimization – having correctly written the Title and Description, you can count on the highest positions in the search results when the user enters a query with the name of the company. The brand factor improves the CTR of the results. To make the CTR even higher, pay attention to the elaboration of an attractive snippet and perform  micro-markup .

Optimization of behavioral factors

Brand traffic brings a motivated audience to the site, which pumps up behavioral factors: it increases the duration of sessions, the number of viewed pages, reduces the percentage of returns to SERP, etc. and regular inquiries.

Conversion growth

The intention of the user (intent) who comes to the site for a personalized request is clearer. Such a person is more likely to perform the target action: buy a product, order a service, etc. Thus, branded traffic is better than other visits converted into income.

Building natural link mass

The higher the brand awareness, the more free and high-quality backlinks the site gets. Users are actively sharing information about the company on forums, social networks, reviews, etc., thus increasing the share of  crowd links, which have recently been assigned an important role in global SEO.

Independence from changes in search algorithms

Search engines are constantly changing their approach to ranking. The logic of any new algorithm is to reduce the manipulation of the issue and provide the user with the most relevant results. Thus, relying on increasing brand traffic, you can be sure that the site will consistently bring visitors, no matter how tricky and complex the next Google algorithm becomes.

How to organically grow brand queries

Any optimizer dreams of stable branded traffic – this is a kind of Eldorado that allows you to get rich quickly and effortlessly. In this matter, giant brands use tactics that are beyond the reach of ordinary projects: they achieve recognition by expensive advertising on TV, large investments in Google Adwords.

It is more difficult for sites that do not have a significant budget to grow brand queries – it takes time, effort and well-thought-out tactics. For people who are used to getting everything here and now, this probably does not sound very attractive, but by investing resources in this difficult process, you can reap the benefits of the work done for a long time, in the form of stable traffic and high conversions, independent of constantly changing approaches to ranking.

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