How to get AdSense Approval for your blog.


AdSense is the best Pay-per-Click program and anyone who wishes to make some money from blogging has AdSense as the first option. However, with the number of bloggers rising and so is spammers, Google takes special care of approving only limited accounts. They have hard terms and conditions for accepting sites for their publishing programs. Although it is all Google choice to accept a blog, you can practice some of these tips to get AdSense approval.

Buy a Custom domain.

Although Google says that it approves .blogspot account, forget about it. Get a custom domain from any registrar. Godaddy offers a custom domain in less than 10$ and they have an even easier mode of payments. You don’t need a credit card to buy a domain there. Having a normal ATM card with VISA / MasterCard /Maestro facility is enough to buy a domain.

When you buy a custom domain

ain, Google will at least evaluate your blog. Else, it just sends an auto-generated message that your blog does not meet our TOS, blah blah (usually).

Your site should be complete.

You just cannot ask Google to approve your blog for AdSense with un-organized, incomplete blog. Make sure you have the full working blog with everything ready.

? Having enough content is a part of completeness.

Before applying, make sure that you have some of the best articles published on your blog. Keep to at least 50 articles before applying. There are exceptions where AdSense will approve your blog even with 15 articles. But why to take chance.

Include “Contact Us” and “Privacy policy” page.

? Do not forget to include a contact us page in your blog. Mention your email id, address, and contact number.

Contact us and Privacy Policy page.

? Create a privacy policy for your blog. You can create one your self but if you don’t have any knowledge of what to include and what not, you can search for privacy policy generator. There are various websites that will generate a privacy policy page for you for free.

Get some visitors before applying.

Build some visitors before applying. You can work on Search Engine optimization or build a follower base on different social media like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Google consider these a good source of traffic. Try getting to a state where you get 100visitors a day. This 100-visitors a day is not at all mandatory or issued by Google but you can only achieve this if you have good contents, along with a good social media influence.

Do you think Google will be interested in showing ads on a website with a 10visitors per day blog? I don’t think so.

Give again a try.

What if Google still rejects your application? Try again and again and you will succeed. Some of my blogger friends say they applied no less than 10 times before getting approved. So, do not get frustrated if your application is rejected for once. Reapply.

Although, these steps do not guarantee you for a faster AdSense approval for your blog, but it will surely give Google less chance to disapprove your application. follow moreĀ  WordPress related blog such as how to start a blog with WordPress.

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