How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A WordPress Website?

Wordpress website

WordPress is a free blogging and WordPress website creation platform where you can design your website and launch it on the web. There are multiple options to select your design theme and improvise it with widgets and other plugins. But if you want to make a website with your company name and want to host the site into WP, then there are some needful budgets you have to keep in your mind while working on building a WP website.

Here in this article, we are going to guide you about those costs and their break-down that can help you to get some overall ideas on it. You need to pay for the domain name and registration, hosting charges, fees for themes, backups and other add-ons expenses. If you want to hire WordPress experts, then you also need to pay for that. So, let us figure out how much money you need to spend to get a fruitful WordPress website for your online business.

Cost for WordPress Software:

WordPress provides the world’s most powerful and easy to use software to build a website free of cost. You do not have to pay for the tools and other add-ons you are going to use to make your website an attractive one for your visitors. This can be a great platform for small business and individual bloggers to make their mark in the digital world.

Cost for the Domain Name:

A domain name is the most vital part of your website. It works like the digital address of your business site. You need to have a self-hosted website with our domain name to make your site look like a professional one for your audiences. If you are planning to launch a website then you need to show some hurry to buy the domain name with proper extension (.com, .in,, .org, etc.). If you want to go for the .com domain, then it can cost a little higher rather other extensions. You need to pay nearly $15 per year for domain and registration.

Cost for WordPress Hosting:

The cost of hosting depends on your web hosting strategies. If you want to manage your website on a small budget, then you can pay a minimal cost for hosting every year or $5- 15 per month. Generally, most of the hosts are offering a discount on 1st year. So if you can go for the long term engagement, then it may cost less for having to host from a reputable and reliable company. So the cost will be $60 – $240 per year for each hosting according to your business needs. Various companies on the internet provide cheaper hosting services. But you always need to care about the data security matter of your website and documents. Those cheap hosting services are easily hacked able for the hackers. It is always better to go for some reputed companies to buy the hosting services.

Cost for WordPress Theme:

A theme can play a vital role to make a website popular among its targeted audiences. You need to choose the theme according to your business type and presentation. So, be careful while you are going to invest in the theme. You need to choose a responsive one to make it open comfortably in the small and large screen of any digital device. A paid theme with useful features can cost you nearly $50 per year but you can invest nearly $200 as a one-time payment to have the theme permanently. If you are planning to keep your website for long, then you must go for that one-time payment option to get benefited.

Cost for Other Functionality:

There are many paid widgets and plugins you can install in your WordPress theme to make your website look professional. There are thousands of add-ons and plugins in the WordPress software and many of them are free, but a few plugins can cost you from $5 to $100 as yearly fees. If you are going to hire WordPress developers to make a professional website for your business, then they can lead you with the needful solution of your business needs by paid plugins and add-ons.

Advanced Domain Pricing:

An advanced domain name is the most essential part for those who are looking to promote their brand via SEO, Social Media Marketing. You need to buy a domain named after your social media account. In this case, you may have to pay some extra to have such a domain name. It will cost you nearly $158 to choose SEO friendly domain names.

WordPress Development is the smartest solution to design your website with easy and simple ways. You can easily get your job done with some extra studies and free practice. If you do not want to invest your time on it, then you can easily search a WordPress developer for hire to get the best results in a shorter time.


It is a tough job to estimate how much you need to spend on building a WordPress website for your online business. Self-hosted WP is a quicker and inexpensive way for website building. You can easily make a free website by using various WP tools. But if you are entering the professionalism, then it is very vital to choose the paid version of WordPress which is more powerful in terms of functionality, productivity, and usability. So, the total cost of building a website in WordPress is approximately $200 to $800 according to your business needs and volume.

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