Best Mobile Phone Security Tips 2019

Mobile Phone Security Tips

Mobile security threats are a real thing. And it is about time that you start taking them all seriously. Because just like cybercrimes, the crimes that take place via the mobiles can affect you badly as well. I fact, mobile security is at the top of almost every company’s worry list.

Because nearly all employees have access to the Hughesnet Packages or the like that the company has subscribed to. And the employees find it convenient to access the Internet via their smartphones.

Therefore, here are a couple of mobile phone security tips for you.

Always Lock Your Mobile

If you think that you can trust your friends and family, think again.

Family? Maybe.

Friends? Not really.

In my opinion, you should not trust anyone at all. Not that your friends or family will misuse the information available on your phone, but you cannot trust anyone. And for that purpose, you should always lock your mobile. No matter what.

Apply a passcode, face ID or fingerprint unlocking option to your mobile. This will allow you to be at ease because you will know that no one can access what’s inside your mobile even if he is holding it.

It is always a better idea to go for biometric identification rather than passcodes to unlock your mobile. Because many mobiles have that option now. And it is more secure too.

Opt for Trusted App Stores

It is a norm for people to download a gazillion apps on their mobiles these days (that is if there is enough capacity). However, what many people overlook is that downloading the apps is not all. They should look for trusted apps.

If individuals do not pay heed to the fact that whether an app is secure or not, he is at a risk. Because if the app does not come from a trusted app store, then the chances of it having viruses are high. Therefore, always opt for a trusted app store.

Update Your Apps Regularly

You should also keep updating your apps on a regular basis. Because the apps start posing problems if you do not update them. Many of you might think of it as a minor issue but it is indeed a worrisome one.

Because the different OS is constantly fixing issues and vulnerabilities. And if you do not upgrade yourself to the latest version, you won’t be able to make use of the features fixed for you.

Therefore, put your laziness aside and update on a regular basis.

Install a Good Antivirus

If you believe that antivirus or antimalware is what you need for desktops alone, think again. Because a majority of the activities take place via the smartphones now, you need to install antivirus or antimalware for your mobile as well.

There will be different options that work best with different OS. So, you will have to search the Internet for the best recommendations for iOS and Android.

Turn off Permissions for Apps

You should also turn off permissions from various apps. Many of these apps that ask for permission to access various things on your mobile phone ask for access to the contact list and photos. And you never know when a platform uses these things against you. You should not allow random apps to have access to your photos and contact list.

You should manually turn off all the permissions from any app. This will be to your benefit.

Check Permissions before Installing Apps

The various apps can access the data on your smartphone to a limit. You cannot allow random apps to access whatever information they please available on your smartphone. You should, in particular, be careful regarding the apps that ask to access your SMS, your device details, etc.

No app should have access to your private messages and your device details. They shouldn’t be allowed to access your contact list as well. Therefore, play smart and safe when it comes to granting permissions to apps regarding access to information on your mobile.

Turn off Bluetooth Connection When Not in Use

Bluetooth connections have the ability to connect themselves to unwanted networks. You won’t even know when this happens. Therefore, it is necessary for you to turn off the Bluetooth connection when it is not in use. This is for your own safety purposes.

Otherwise, you will suffer a great deal. Because your mobile will be a target for various viruses and malware.

Another important point to remember is not to connect your mobile to every public Wi-Fi or hotspot available. Because the unprotected ones pose a great threat to your devices.

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