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The realm of technology has surely widened the pleasures and entertainment horizons of people.  The android users are making the most of applications for their enjoyment, entertainment, learning, grooming, booking, and everything that they desire for. The point is applications are becoming the best companions for the users.

But there are users who have a problem with applications too. They feel that they don’t have a good variety in the applications. Well, if you are relying only on Google play store then you need to try out third party play stores like 9apps. If you want to explore other options in applications and like to try out new applications and so on then this third party play store is surely going to open up a great world for you. 

What is this third party store all about?

The way you have the Google play store to get all the applications you want, this play store gives you access to applications. But the main difference is that the reason for this play store is a lot wider than that of the Google play store. It gives you access to almost all the applications that you might have heard of or you should know about. The platform also encompasses third-party applications for the users that are otherwise on the respective websites of the application developers. The idea is that you get all the applications stored in one place and you can get them from there without any hassle.

Is it free of cost?

Yes, this play store is free of cost and anyone can download it from the official website. Once you have installed this play store in your device, you would get a window to a world of endless applications. And an added bonus here is that all the applications that you find in the realm of this play store are free of cost and you would not even have to buy the subscriptions for the supreme apps.  

No virus and too light to handle 

Yes, these are the two things that often people think about. If you feel that since the play store is a third-party app; it would have a virus then you are wrong. The developers of this play store have given utmost attention to the safety of users. They have made sure that the virus does not enter in this platform or not even harm any application. 

Similarly, the platform is easy and light to use. The app size is just one MB and that isn’t too much, right? This application would work like a ‘knife on the butter’ for you because of its agility and lightness. You would not get out of storage after installing this store in your device because of its negligible size. If you don’t agree you should try it out.


Thus, you should expand your experiences when it comes to applications. Go ahead and check out the unending variety in the apps on this store.It is time that you experience the flavour of new apps through this rich store.

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