7 Top WordPress Chrome Extensions For Improved Web Development

7 Top WordPress Chrome Extensions For Improved Web Development

WordPress powers about 34% of the total websites in the world. Google’s Chrome has cornered over 60% of the total browser market share worldwide. Besides being the most popular names in their domain, there is another common feature in both the products. People can download and use both the items for free. Web developers can leverage the power of both the tools to improve their own productivity. WordPress chrome extensions allow them to conduct a range of varied tasks that can ease their workflow. They can test plugins, manage websites or make styling changes right from their browser. The following Chrome extensions can help WordPress developers significantly improve the quality of their work.

1. WPSniffer

Themes allow WordPress users to easily create a functional structure for their interface. There are numerous readymade templates available for building websites. Most of these layouts are sorted in different categories based on popular industries and occupations. There are various multi-purpose themes also available. A large number of clients approach developers with a request to build their website like an existing interface. Most of the time, it is not the website’s functionality which impressed them but it is the design which caught their eye. Finding out the theme used in the construction of the interface can be quiet a task for the professionals. They can use the WPSniffer extension to do the job. This tool detects the layout activated on a WordPress interface and takes the user to the developer’s website.

2. WordPress Tutorials WPCompendium

The open source nature of the platform has helped in the rise of a large developer community. Its user-friendliness has attracted a lot of non-technical users too. Most of these people try to do things themselves. For instance, trying to convert a website to WordPress without professional assistance. They refer to numerous online resources like forums and video tutorials for help. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of conducting different searches for each item, all help could be accessed at a single place? The WordPress Tutorials WPCompendium extension allows you to do just that. It has a large collection of in-depth tutorials on all aspects of the CMS. Users can access all the helpful material without needing to pay anything.

3. WordPress Style Editor

Most people would be familiar with the DevTools provided in Google’s browser. Developers, as well as beginners, use the set of solutions to test style changes on their pages. DevTools allow people to modify the CSS of a page and see the changes in real time on the related page. However, the solution only allows users to see how a modification will look. It does not let them apply the changes permanently. That can be done by adding the alterations in the style.css file. WordPress Style Editor is one of the most helpful WordPress chrome extensions which lets you save the changes directly to your stylesheet. As soon as you make a modification it is instantly applied to the website. 

4. WordPress Plugin Security Checker

Plugins are a convenient WordPress feature allowing people to easily extend the functionality of their interfaces. It is said that you can find a plugin for every possible functionality in the world. However, these software pieces can contain vulnerabilities which can harm a website. The open source character of the platform means that a large number of these tools are built by freelancers or enthusiasts. Such solutions do not receive regular updates nor are they regularly checked for bugs. It is essential to fully check a plugin before installation. This can be done by using WordPress Plugin Security Checker. This extension will display an existing vulnerability and also present a list of all the past anomalies along with the response time taken by the developer to fix the issue.

5. SimilarWeb   

Many people think that a developer has to simply understand the client’s requirements and then code a relevant website. However modern-day development is not so straightforward. Today interfaces are being built for business. A proper strategy for web development needs to be prepared to ensure a website contains all the necessary functionalities and design elements to resonate with the target audience. Competitor analysis has become an essential part of development. It allows users to identify the effective tactics used by their rivals. SimilarWeb lets users monitor traffic, engagement rate, keyword ranking, and other key metrics. They can gain valuable insight into the strategy behind the interface while surfing it.  

6. WordPress Site Manager

Are you a professional developer who has to manage multiple websites at once? Then you must try the WordPress Site Manager extension. It will store all the interfaces and let you access their homepage, stylesheets, admin dashboard, and other pages. You can move between the websites and conduct the desired modifications without leaving your browser. It also enhances the functionality of the CMS’ theme editor by adding syntax highlighting, easy search and replace and other features. 

7. Session Buddy

It is natural for professionals to open various tabs at once while working. Bookmarking every page so that you can return to them in the future can be a tedious job. Problems can also arise when the browser crashes or the system restarts because of any reason. Session Buddy is a session manager which will help you to save all the tabs. You can also organize the tabs by topics. Users can save a complete session and restore it later.


Beginners as well as WordPress web development professionals will like these extensions as these tools will help in streamlining their workflow. They can conduct most tasks conveniently without leaving their browsers. 

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