6 Web Design Rules – Dos and Don’ts You Must Know


If you are a wanna-be web designer, there are some rules you must follow in order to ensure success in whatever you do. Gone are the days when sad-looking websites were tolerated by visitors just for the sake of information. Today, it is all about blending a couple of well-concocted strategies to build a robust, professional and exceptionally attractive site that performs like a hero.

If you are all set to make your mark to the mercilessly competitive website designing, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind:

1. The Layout for Website

Don’t – Reinvent the Wheel.

Do – Implement UX standards for friendly browsing.

Creativity is important. However, it should not come at the cost of functionality. So never let it come between site’s overall look and a powerful online presence. While planning and creating layout of your website, it is important that you follow UX recommendations. This makes sure all of your visitors enjoy a smooth browsing.

Navigation of your site should be very clear. Make it intuitive. All clickable items must be very straightforward and easy to understand.

2. Background Visuals

Don’t – Select a distracting background.

Do – Select a background that motivates visitors to stay longer and explore more.

No wonder it is called a background. Your focus should be to make it look attractive not dominant (or intimidating). Regardless of what you wish to go for (photos, vectors, or videos), the background of website must be anything but distracting from primary purposes. Background is for generating an atmosphere. It should also boost your branding and support overall browsing experience. Make sure all your efforts are directed towards highlighting your message not diverting the visitors from it.

3. Mobile Responsive Design

Don’t – Ignore designing websites for mobile screens.

Do – Optimize images, texts and other components for mobile viewing.

You can use Wix’s Mobile Editor. This is a great option to set up your website’s mobile version which looks perfect on mobile screen and functions well on full screen.

4. Image Optimization

Don’t – Get Loud.

Do – Generate a relevant vibe.

The parameters for businesses and brands presenters have changed. Your site visitors will be happier to establish trust and interaction only when it caters to requirements of real people. Make them feel good and stock pictures of situations and people that they can relate to.

5. Animations, GIFs, and Effects

Don’t – Turn your website into a crazy music video.

Do – Use elements to add a just a dash of excitement and motion to website.

If you love those animated GIFS and super-fun effects, great. All of us do! However, your visitors will not like travelling into a zombie land. Moderation is the key, especially when it comes to animations and effects. Make sure you use these as elegantly as possible.

6. Written Content on your Website

Don’t – Assume.

Do – Follow optimized and targeted content strategy.

Website texts are known to be some of the greatest assets of any website owner. Apart from providing a sense of orientation to visitors, they also provide you with a wonderful platform to boost messaging and branding. It also helps optimize website for search engines. Approach the content with strategic view point to get the most out of it. Refine texts in a way to offer a crystal clear and powerful message to target market. Use the right voice tone combined with the right vocabulary. Be brief and help inspire your site visitors to stay longer.

However, we mention 6 design rules of current website design trends. Altamonte springs web design agency are following all trendy rules to develop a professional website.

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