6 Effective Tips To Choose The Best Law Firm Website Designer


Are you an attorney who is thinking of getting a website? Then do read these suggestions for choosing the best law firm website design. Many lawyers are unaware that building interfaces for a legal company is a specialized task. Adopting the cookie cutter approach will lead to the development of a generic interface that will not be very productive. In order to leave a lasting impression on visitors, you need to invest in a custom law firm website design. The layout must be a blend of visual appeal and functionality. You will need to hire a reputed agency to acquire an interface that has been built specifically for your profession. The following tips will help you make a wise selection for your web development project:

1. Identify The Objectives Of Your Website

It is essential to identify the objectives of your interface before choosing the design professional. Most people feel that the only aim of a website is to attract more visitors. It is correct that high traffic volume is vital to sustaining an interface but it is not necessarily the only goal. The objectives of a legal interface will vary according to the nature of the firm it represents. For instance, a personal injury lawyer’s website will want to convert as many visitors as possible. At the same time, an insurance defense legal agency will like to increase its brand awareness rather than focusing on the conversion rate. Understanding your goals will help you in identifying the important elements of the layout.

2. An Agency Will Be Better Than A Professional

A website needs to strike the correct balance between design and functionality in order to be successful. When you choose a design professional, you are guaranteed of a smart-looking interface but will she be able to handle other aspects? A design firm will have different kinds of professionals on its payroll. There will be programmers making sure the code is lightweight and efficient. Marketers will help integrate branding elements into the layout. The diverse input will enrich the project and improve the quality of the final product. It will also be helpful in building an interface that is geared for accomplishing the desired goals.

3. Choose An Agency With Experience In The Field

As mentioned earlier, the one size fits all approach to web designing can never be successful. It will be pertinent to select professionals who understand the value of creating a customized product. Look for companies who have successfully executed projects for lawyers, in the past. This will ensure that experienced professionals who know what are the essential ingredients of legal interfaces will work on your layout. Do some research to find out whether the shortlisted firms have the experience of working with professionals or agencies in your practice area. Such companies will also handle communication with clients in a better way as compared to other firms with no experience of serving lawyers.

4. Check The Portfolio To Assess The Firm’s Expertise

You will require some visual evidence to choose the best law firm website designer for your assignment. Looking at the work done by the agency in the past will help you evaluate their expertise in the field. All reputed firms keep a portfolio of the best projects they have executed. Most of them will show it to you even before you ask for it. Make it a point to ask for the portfolio and look closely at the work samples to assess the quality of work. The motive behind viewing the past work is to find out whether the company will be suitable for your project or not.

5. Select A Firm Which Understands Law Firm Marketing

Another aspect that necessitates the selection of specialist law firm website development professionals is law firm marketing. Promoting a legal agency is an entirely different ball game as compared to marketing regular businesses. There are ethics involved as legal guidelines in most jurisdictions dictate that no overt promotional techniques can be employed by attorneys. This limits the tactics that marketers can use to promote legal firms. Moreover, the competition in the segment is intense and even a small error in the layout will see the traffic moving to a rival interface. Content holds the key to effective promotion of an attorney interface. It is necessary to hire an agency which understands the distinct nature of law firm marketing and the challenges associated with it.

6. Compare Turnaround Time And The Fees Of Different Companies

Time and cost are the two important factors which you need to consider before making a decision. Everyone wants to get a high-quality product quickly. However, it is necessary to make a realistic assessment to know how much time your assignment will take. You can make a rough estimate by consulting your peers in the industry who have acquired an interface. Ask the shortlisted design firms to provide quotations along with the turnaround time for completing the project. Match your estimations with the details quoted by the firms. The proposal which comes close to your projections will be the most suitable for your project. Do not base your decision completely on this tactic. In case, there is a well-known, reputed agency in the fray, then it will naturally quote a higher price. Select a company that fits your budget and has a track record of finishing assignments on time.


These suggestions will help you choose the best law firm website designer for your project. Appointing an experienced and efficient firm will help in the creation of an attractive interface with user-friendly features.

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