10 Realistic Warnings Before You Begin Your Influencer Marketing Journey

10 Realistic Warnings Before You Begin Your Influencer Marketing Journey

When we talk about influencer marketing, the impact is collaboratively created by the influencers and brands they are associated with. As of the current era, there are many influencers in the global marketplace that are leveraging the benefits of digital marketing. Businesses are searching for influencers using influencer finder tools, random search, and software to create brand awareness. On the other hand, influencers are hunting for brands that can help them gain name and fame in the industry.

Considering that you as a brand looking to connect with influencers, there are some essentials to keep in mind and some warnings too so as to run a smooth and successful influencer marketing campaign.  

Here are the 10 warnings to consider before you begin:

  1. No influencer will be able to generate direct sales. Hence, it is better not to rely upon them for generating sales. However, they can be helpful in driving people to your brand and can even help in triggering sales of your product or service. Once they drive you to have to be alert and effective in extracting the right audience and generating the desired sales.
  2. Usually brands are happy seeing the increased number of followers and subscribers. Do you really think that these numbers are what you are looking for? Do you really think that these numbers help? These days it has become easy to buy followers and influence people to follow your brand. However, this inorganic way of influencer marketing would be of no good to your brand. Hence, this number cannot prove to be a legitimate metric measure.
  3. Avoid relying on agencies and platforms that help you connect to influencers. Play smart and choose the influencer you feel are best and belong to your niche category. You need to learn how to find influencers in your niche so as to get in touch with real influencers who can prove to be an asset to your organization.
  4. We often make a mistake of ignoring the domain authority ranking. However, this should matter to us because a long-lived blog on the website already stays higher in search. Experienced influencers strive to get connected to such brands after going through the analytics report generated by Google.
  5. If link building is your objective, you need to lay focus on no-follow and do-follow links. Both the links have their own significance to generate high-quality backlinks. This in turn helps you get better engagement as well.
  6. You just cannot post anything anywhere. You have to prepare a content strategy to create and execute the influencer marketing campaign. The strategy should keep in mind your products, services, and objective of the brand.   Whether it is a blog post, quote, video content, or a ppt, whatever you post should have a set amount of posts. Also, to keep in mind that there are no set rules and templates for creating the content strategy.
  7. Do remember you cannot be a master of all social media channels and nor the influencer. You have to do wise research and analysis of all social media platforms and then come up with choosing one platform that you feel can be best for your business niche. So, whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, make sure to select your channel and play your favorite through the chosen data driven influencer marketing with full inspiration and determination.
  8. Most of the us often don’t agree to creating a website or blog. We usually take it as a waste of time, space, and energy. However, a blog is the most communicative way to pass on a piece of information and impart the right knowledge to the audience. This in turn also helps increase engagement and keeps the connection between brands and audiences live through the influencers. Through the same source, as a brand you also need to keep providing value to any conversation that comes across.
  9. Always stay aligned to the latest trends of social media channels and marketing strategies. With the changing markets, the changing ecosystem, and the changing business scenarios, many aspects of marketing and doing business comes to a change. People love to read about the changes and stay updated with the latest information. However, some essentials that always stay evergreen in the business world adds to meaningful resources.
  10. Do remember that all social media platforms are different and each platform has its own uniqueness when it comes to digital marketing or influencer marketing. You need to understand which channel is best for you and where your brand fits the best. You should have a deep understanding of all channels so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Apart from these 10  warnings, there are yet many more essentials that one needs to keep in mind before actually beginning the journey of marketing and promotion with top social media influencers. You need to have the right collaboration, you need to stay active throughout, and you need to stay engaged all through when the campaign is on a run. Once if you take away your eye and mind from the metrics, from the progress, and from the effectiveness of the campaign, do remember that the brand does not belong to the influencer. Just the right selection of influencers and the right niche along with your active engagement make the campaign a sure shot success.

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