Things to Consider When Looking For A Fast-Paced Internet

high-speed internet

When we talk about a fast-paced internet or high-speed internet connection the first thing that comes to our mind is that it provides you the capacity to stream your favorite shows, movies, and play games online and if it fails to deliver all of the above, it is considered as a slow internet connection.

The ideology sounds a little familiar and there is a comprehensive way to identify the root cause of the problem. The first thing that you do is running a speed test to get an idea about the speed you’re getting. Also, you can check out the map coverage of the area of the house that is going to give you a better internet service. Also, this helps you get an idea about the internet dead zones. Now that you are aware of the coverage area, you can now start working with your and place it in the correct spot.

Things That Help You Boost Internet Speeds Using Your Router:

Objects like solid walls and doorways can affect your router performance and this depends on whether you are living in a house or an apartment that has other routers and appliances that might create disruption. The more elevated the router is situated, the better coverage it will provide you with. It works like an umbrella. This becomes quite easy for you if you’re living in a two-story home and you can place the router on the second floor in a way that it stays in the open. If you have an apartment or a single-story house, all you need is a higher position and an open space. It is better to have a good space between the antenna and the rest of the space in the house.

Look For A Middle-Level Ground Position:

Umbrellas don’t perform well against walls and neither does your routers act as beneficial as they can be if you put them along a wall, window ledge or in a cornered location.

Keep Shifting Your Devices: 

It is wise to keep experimenting devices that you intend to connect to find out the spot that works best for you. It is possible that your device works best and gets a better signal if it is placed in front of the TV, rather than any other position. If your router comes with more than one antennas, you might want to make a few adjustments to enhance the strength of the signals. However, as time passes by and we have advanced technologies, there will be more speed that ensures that you get quality connectivity. There is a high chance that you have an old router that might not be able to handle speeds and multiple devices. if yes, then there is high time that you should go for an upgrade in the router or speed that you use. If you are looking for advanced internet speeds and connectivity in Los Angeles, I would recommend that you should go for Spectrum internet.

Things To Look For When Buying A New Router:

Your search for alternatives for routers can depend upon the following alternatives:

  • The place where you live is an apartment or a house?
  • If you spend a lot of time doing Live Video Chat?
  • If you use the internet playing games online?
  • If you spend long hours streaming your favorite music, shows, and movies?
  • If you use a USB port for connecting devices or storage?
  • How helpful is customer support?

At the end, there is a technical aspect of things that includes factors like dual-band that help you benefit from 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz, how secure is the connection or is it having compatible with the 802.11ac wireless standard. 

The next thing is the price and the offers that are offered. Look for download and upload speeds that show what is offered in the package. Generally, routers can be as cheap as $10 and go up to more than $250. Keep in mind that it is a long-term investment that you are looking at.

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