The OLED gaming TV from Alienware

OLED gaming-tv

This is the star of the show, the Alienware 55 OLED monitor technology preview. Do not worry it is going to have a much cooler review when it comes out. I promise you because nothing could be less cool than that but the product itself is something that we have been wanting so much ever since we first saw OLED technology.

The TV features

This TV right here features perfect blacks, fast pixel response times, vibrant colors and nothing else is quite like it today. The fact that you do not have to deal with zone backlighting in order to achieve the kinds of crazy contrast ratios that these things do because every individual pixel emits its own light. Absolutely incredible technology except for one critical game breaking flaw.

Dell actually released an OLED monitor. This monitor was discontinued after a few days after it just came out in the market. Apparently, they learned their lesson about going at this too early but this time they are taking a more conservative approach. So they will only tell us a little bit about this. You can easily buy this gaming TV online using Croma Voucher with great offers.


It is using a 4k panel, it is 55 inches and it is going to run at 120 hertz so that gives us some sort of guesses as who their supplier is, LG and what is really cool is we were hanging out with LG display yesterday and they were showing us a really impressive demo on what they have been able to do with OLED pixel response times over the last year so we could expect because remember LG display is not the same company as LG electronics so we could expect LG display’s hard work to make OLED better for gaming.

Compatibility and launch date

It could finally amount to a TV, they are calling it a monitor but whatever- a TV gaming experience that says low latency as you would want it to be. Now there is a lot of stuff they legitimately do not about this yet. Whether it is going to be compatible with the devices you want, whether it is going to be compatible with g-sync but we do know that they are targeting some kind of variable refresh rate gaming technology but there are a ton of things in the air.

They know that it will run 120 hertz over display port but hey HDMI 2.1 is upon us maybe it is going to end up with a 2.1 compatible scaler and we could run 4k 120 hertz over HDMI. Who knows? The point is they are taking their time and we are not expecting this in the next six months because they are doing some long term testing on burning prevention to make sure they do not have a repeat of last time.

So there is one thing that we do know is that they are not going to crank the brightness the same way that they did on the original m13 OLED gaming laptop, that thing was cool but of course any OLED is eventually going to burn in its just due to the nature of the organic light emitting diode it degrades. So they are doing their best to figure out what exactly they can do. OLED technology has also gotten more resilient over time and I am incredibly excited to see where we are going with this.

Gaming experience and price

So no matter what price they are going to ask for this thing, people are going to buy this because the gaming experience on this thing is going to be something that no one has ever even imagined. There were no price tags on the display as it is still a work in progress so we can’t tell what they are going to ask for but I can assure you that the gaming experience is going to be incredible on this display because of the extra sharpness and other high definition details that you are going to get out of the display. Moreover, you can also order this TV online using Paytm Cashback Offer with discounted prices.

We still have to wait on an official notice of this thing coming out in market but that surely is not going to be soon enough. They have a lot of work to do the panel as well as the technology to just not repeat what happened with their OLED displays in the past. They surely are taking their time doing the research on this thing and I hope this goes well for them because it is something that everyone has been waiting for. There is no product out in market like this so surely they do not want to mess this up, again.

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