The Best Digital Camcorders to buy in 2019

Digital Camcorders

Digital cameras like smartphones are able to record videos. Moreover, these two cameras have certainly made the video more accessible to the public. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the usefulness of the camcorder and it remains the best option for video in many situations.

Compared to these, the best digital camcorders offer superior video quality, better zoom options, and a much more enjoyable recording over time. But you still have to be careful because not all camcorders are the same. In addition, you must know a minimum to choose a good camcorder.

As very fashionable cameras, it was impossible for us not to make a small ranking of our 3 favorite action cameras. There are so many models that it is quite difficult to make a choice which is available on thegadgetspro. As in our best 3 digital camcorders, we offer the best model in the following three categories: the most powerful, the best entry-level and the best action camera.

Sony FDR-AX53; The most powerful camcorder: 

If like us, you like the performance and the technology, it is no doubt the Sony FDR-AX53 which comes first. This digital camcorder is a high-end model with very good features. Offering 4K resolution, it is equipped with a 16.6-megapixel image sensor and a latest-generation Zeiss lens. Its optical zoom is a 20x zoom and its stabilization system is also one of the latest developed by Sony. To this, we add connected features (Wifi – NFC), 4K Time Lapse modes and 100ips Full HD. It is very hard to find a device of this quality at this price. There are more expensive camcorders that do not offer as much performance. Despite some flaws, including its electronic viewfinder too small, it was a pleasure to use the Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder. It is a very light and compact model for its category. We recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-professional model. 

Panasonic HC-V180; The best entry-level camcorder

It is one of the best entry-level camcorders when it goes without saying that everyone does not want to put more than 200 $ in a digital camcorder. We totally understand it. Good news, since the Panasonic HC-V180 is a cheap model that convinced us. It offers excellent optical zoom and very good stabilization. This is not very common in entry-level camcorders. In addition, the full HD video quality is very good even when the brightness is low. The camcorder is not connected, but it goes without saying. We cannot have everything at this price. So we can say that it is a perfect product to start on video. It will be very interesting to learn the basics with this camcorder. You will then be able to move towards a better model later. It is also ideal for occasional uses with a minimum of quality.

GoPro Hero6 Black; The best action camera

If you’re looking for the best action camera, you can go blind with this model! Indeed, the GoPro Hero6 Black is the last gem of GoPro. Offering 4K 60fps and 1080p240fps recordings, believe us, video buffs will be in paradise! But that’s not all, as several new features make the camera unique in the market. Among these, there is a dual LCD display, a voice command, an excellent 3-axis stabilizer or a waterproof design without housing. It is hard to do better! Moreover, we have not tested anything more interesting so far.

How to choose the best digital camcorder?

When buying a digital camcorder, several criteria must be considered. These purchase criteria both define the type of product you are interested in, but also discover how to choose the right product. Here are the criteria we consider most important.

  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Image Stabilization
  • Zoom
  • Audio

The resolution indicates the number of pixels present in an image. The more pixels, the sharper and more detailed the image. A few years ago, the choice of a resolution was played out between standard definition and high definition. Nowadays, this is played between Full HD and 4K. The 4K resolution means that the longest side is around 4,000 pixels, almost the double resolution of Full HD, which are 1920 pixels wide. Most high-definition camcorders have a full HD 1080p resolution, but a few still use the standard 720p HD quality. The 4K definition is a big improvement over the HD. However, the video must be viewed on a 4K monitor or monitor to take full advantage of its superior quality. Fortunately, 4K TVs and monitors are becoming more common, and even YouTube now allows some 4K videos. But if you do not have any 4K device, prefer Full HD which is still relevant.

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