How to Solve HP LaserJet Printer Software Installation Issue

HP LaserJet Printer Software Installation

HP is a renowned brand in the printer market and manufactures pretty reliable printer hardware. And it provides equally reliable and functional software to go along with the printer.

But sometimes things can go out of place and doesn’t work as they supposed to. When you are trying to install the printer software and drivers for the HP LaserJet printers, it gives you an error of the software cannot be found, does not open, or fails during the installation process. To solve this kind of error you need to contact the experts at HP printer customer support. But we have also made this article with the help of HP printer experts to solve these problems.

Do take a look at our article and solve your problem in a jiffy.

Cannot Install Software error

Restart the computer – This is kind of a mandatory step in every troubleshooting process because it clears the system memory and everything starts afresh. So, you need to restart the computer and then try to install your software. If the problem is still there then you can proceed to the next one.

Check, if printer Spooler service is running – This service temporary holds the files that are to be printed next until the printer is ready to print that file. If this service is not running on your system then there will be a problem in installing the printer software.

To start the printer spooler:

  • Open windows search option and search for ‘View local services’ and then open it.
  • Find Print Spooler from all those service listed.
  • If print spooler service is already running on your system then you can go ahead to the next step. If not then you need to manually start the print spooler service.
  • Right click on the Print Spooler and open ‘Properties’.
  • Check the ‘Start Type’, set to Automatic and then click on ‘Apply’.
  • Now, click on ‘Start’ under Service status and then hit Ok.
  • And lastly, restart the computer to effect the new setting changes.

Install the software

First, you need to download the software from the official HP website. You need to go there and search for your printer model and then download the software for that model.

You’ll get a file named hpsetup.exe on your computer and you have to install it. Locate the file on your computer and double click on it and then provide administrator permission for installation and then follow the on-screen instructions on the setup wizard. Your Software for HP LaserJet printer will be installed without any fuss.

If your system still not working accordingly then you need to contact the experts at HP printer customer service and get their help.

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