Here’s all you need to know about the latest content marketing tools

Here’s all you need to know about the latest content marketing tools

Recent research shows that less than 10% of businesses have confessed to having poor content marketing skills. The figure is indeed worrisome and calls for an immediate remedy. Therefore, the same research conducted further studies and came up with the conclusion that it was the content writing tools that were incorporated through SEO content writing services that made the difference.

Now, the question that pops in the minds of people is about the tools that have helped in bringing about this massive change. The list is long, here is a list to help you gain a useful insight into the latest tools based on content marketing trends 2020.

Tools to the Rescue

Uploading or posting content on the website is the first step you take towards reaching out to the audience. However, it takes several follow-ups and numerous altercations from time to time that will help in keeping the craze for a particular website alive by ranking it higher in SERPs.

Here is a list of the top six areas that are covered by the marketing tools. Take a look.

Content Tracking

Tools like Google Alerts, Feedly, etc. offer content tracking once they are posted on the internet. With this tool, one can keep a note on where the content is being mentioned along with the number of readers or viewers for that particular website.

The data is presented in a way to be understood easily and faster. After that, one can make changes accordingly and lift up business growth.

Content Upgrade

Upgrading your readable content to an audio content could be the best thing to do in this fast-paced era, where people are more into saving time. With tools like Audacity, Fiverr, Google documents, etc., one can upgrade the website content, user interface, stack relevant pictures and many more.

Also, if you hire professional SEO content writing services for appropriate website content, they make sure the content has relevant keywords, infographics, and video incorporated.

Headline Creation

Content marketing trends 2020 reveal that headlines are known for creating the first impression and with a tool that helps in creating an attractive headline, content marketing can take an upturn. Headlines have a lot to do in effecting conversions as well as in bridging the gap between customers and your products/services.

Content Promotion

With rising competition from all around the world, it has become imperative to go for promotion of content as well. Posting content has to be followed by various promotional activities that will aid in reaching your work to potential customers and views who value your work.

Tools like Google Ads, Mozbar are a few effective content promotion tools to help you raise the metrics in SERPs.

Content Curation

Many do not seem to prefer content curation, but it can be effective in marketing your content. For example, for visual curation through Pinterest can help you add links and tags to the website that you intend to market.

Other tools like Twitter are also effective in helping you to follow tweets and responding to them as and when required. So, to get the best-curated content, one may go for professional SEO content writing services too.

Visual Content Marketing

When content is present in the form of visuals, either through videos or images, it tends to create a long-lasting effect on the user. Boomerang, CloudApp are some popular content marketing tools that people use to spread their products or services to a broad audience.

Screen recordings, short videos, GIF files are some commonly used techniques that have gained immense popularity in recent times.

How the tools made a difference?

Above all, it is due to these tools that have made a difference in content marketing strategies. The tools are remarkable in their functionality and thereby aid users to reach out to the potential audience in no time.

Besides maximizing interactions, these tools also come with higher returns when implemented in the right manner. Those returns are evident through reduced cost for customer outreach, enhanced sales, and an interactive platform for both the ends – service provider and user.

In simple words, content marketing facilitates the involvement as well as the interaction of the audience with a business in the most fruitful way.

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