Download Vine free for Android and IOS iPhone

Vine free is an app to record short videos and upload them to the network. It’s kind of Instagram for videos that seamlessly integrates with Twitter and Facebook to share your mini-videos with all your friends.

Vine free for IOS download

It is very easy to use. Simply tap the screen to record and release to stop. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a timeline that will progress each time you press and lose your finger on the screen up to six seconds maximum. In this way, you can not only make videos followed but kind stop motion animations or video in two different locations.

The social network Vine is, as mentioned, similar to Instagram. To register you must provide your email on and your user account on Twitter. Once Vine, you can surf the net and browse videos from users, follow your friends to see your mini videos, search for people, issues and trends, see the videos grouped by the same hashtag or most popular selected by the editor.

The version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has more options than Android, for the moment, and one of those benefits is the availability of editing tools and filters style to beautify your videos and apply effects before uploading them to Vine, Twitter or Facebook. You can also record with front camera for autovídeos (if that word exists).

In the social network Vine videos, you will see six seconds from other users (some real visual artists), comment, I like, follow people, etc. Now that is so fashionable app to track your progress when you run, are emerging others who follow your steps while doing other activities. If you’re one of the lucky ones vain enjoy the snow this season, you will love this app.

Snowbuddy is the app that will accompany you on the slopes. With track speed, distance traveled and calories burned so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Your statistics at a glance with this practical and well-designed app 

If you would like to share short videos with family and friends or with everyone goes to show how creative you are, Vine free download for iOS devices and start recording everything around you in fun mini videos then upload them to the network.

Download Vine free for Android, IOS iPhone, and Windows Phone

Not only can we add to our channel Vine for Android, because we can share it on Twitter or Facebook automatically if desired and we linked our accounts. Something very similar to Twitter and Vine has taken advantage are Hashtags or labels that can add a video to find out your keywords.

You can also label other users style Facebook or Twitter, indicating that appear in the video for our friends can get to them. When ready we only give to publish and longer on our profile visible to everyone.

Vine has a complete search engine where you can search for different users by name, showing a list of all our search that fit your profile picture and name. If we are looking for something specific such as cat videos can search by putting our keyword tags, this will return a list of Hashtags among which we choose.

Vine for IOS iPhone, Ipad, Ipod, Mac

When selecting the Hashtag we are looking for can display all the Vines that are under this label and perform the same actions as in any other category.

If we follow multiple users or someone new follows us we will appear in the activity section, where we will see if a user that we have added new content on their channel or if someone has given me Like our videos.

Vine short video editor for Windows Phone 8 available

In our “homepage” all videos uploaded by users who follow or “reviews” who have made other videos appear. Definitely, Vine is a social network that distracts us for hours without realizing it, because of these short videos so funny and becomes addicted to watching them.

The Vine app works really well with a very good fluidity, because if we are connected by Wi-Fi video play automatically without having to wait for their reproduction, whereas if you use 3G or 4G have to wait a while to load, but nothing alarming. The Vine application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

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