Dedicated hosting as the money-spinner of businesses in India

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In the last two decades, the business market has expanded beyond tradition. It has invaded the digital market. The digital market, in one word, has become the opium of the capitalist world. And rightly so. After all, it has paved the way for sellers to have the closest interface possible with buyers.

At the heart of digital marketing lies the classic art of website hosting. Let us take it from the bottom!


Ranging from the smallest start-up to the biggest multi-national company, a very wide range of options are present before an organization to host its website online. Prominent ones among these are shared and dedicated hosting services. if we take a detailed look at both, we find that both shared and dedicated have their own pros and cons. For instance, while shared hosting allows the perks of cost-saving and cheap hosting, dedicated hosting, on the other hand, allows the full-fledged control of an organization over the server. In addition to this, dedicated server hosting enables hassle-free maintenance and robust security architecture.

Is online traffic a myth or reality?

After doing all the necessary groundwork, let us suppose that you have hosted your website online. Consequently, this might be the time that you are expecting that online presence spins your business to newer heights. Throwing caution to the winds, you have to realize that you are not the only business in the digital world but a small entity in the nebula of digital marketing. So, if you can’t stand apart, this means that you can’t stay ahead as well. In a nutshell, we are quietly referring to the drawbacks of shared hosting. We have to quickly understand that in shared hosting, there might be other websites as well which might be using the same server. This has the negative connotation of slowing down the speed of the website thereby affecting the revenue-generating capacity of businesses.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

  1. Deal of ownership– It should be worthy to mention in its first place that once you have opted for dedicated hosting, you have actually decided to exercise full control over the usage of the server. To elaborate on this, other websites will not be hosted by this server simultaneously. This would have a direct bearing on the website as the problem of slow loading speed would be addressed.
  2. Security Architecture– In the case of shared hosting, there might be a potential threat to the security architecture which might result in a probable malware threat. However, in case of a dedicated server, there is an added security protection that keeps almost all malware away.
  3. Infrastructural constraints– There is literally no company which is not eager to establish an online ecosystem in the digital market. However, one of the prime hurdles that constrain their capitalist adventure includes infrastructural costs.

Catering to the business needs

A dynamic business is one which can change itself catering to the needs of the digital market. To stand apart in the digital market, a business needs to rapidly transform itself. For instance, a business needs to update its older applications after a due course of time. This is where dedicated hosting services cater to their need. It can virtually be hailed as a one-stop solution to all the personalized needs of a business.


Back home, companies hosting dedicated server in India have the potential of acting as a rapid money-spinner and contributing to the success of “Digital India.”

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