[6 Steps]: How to Create YouTube Channel


Create a Youtube channel through google account:

Only with a google account you can watch and like videos and also can subscribe to channels but if you want to upload your own videos and want to create playlist then you must have your own YouTube channel. You can easily create your own personal YouTube channel as well as Business YouTube channel with few steps.

Creating personal Channel:

In order to create a YouTube channel, you will have to log in to YouTube. For this purpose click on the log in shown below.

After clicking on Sign in, you will be redirected to the google sign in page. Login if you have already google account otherwise click on the “Add account” Button shown below.

After creating your Google account then click continue to YouTube.

After clicking the “Continue to YouTube” tab, again YouTube homepage will open. Now click on top Right side round tap which is labeled as 1. Another window will open, where click on “Creator Studio”.

So you will have to create a channel in order to upload videos. Click “Create a Channel” link.

Give the suitable name to you channel click “CREATE CHANNEL” BUTTON.

That’s it. You have successfully created your personal YouTube channel. Now you’re able to upload videos. But be careful while uploading videos.

Now you can easily earn money on YouTube by uploading videos. I will explain How to earn money by uploading videos to YouTube in the next article. Thank you for reading the article. Keep visiting here and comment if you have any problem.

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