5 Reasons Behind Success of Smart TV Technology

Smart TV-technology

You must have heard about the concept of Smart TV these days!

A large number of new LED TVs claim to be Smart TVs in one way or another, no matter how irrelevant the so-called smart features are.

Smart TV is one that can help you enjoy internet connectivity and multiple shows on the TV screen. However, it is much more than that!

If you are also looking to bring home a Smart TV online or via any other mode, then you need to know some must-to-have features in it. Read on!

Must-to-have Smart TV features

  • Fast user interface

One of the most important features of a Smart TV is the offering of speed. In other words, there should not be any lagging issues while using the user interface. Some TVs take lots of time to switch from one app, input or function to another. Similarly, a Blu-ray player takes too much time for the main menu to load. Hence, when you have a Smart TV, there should not be any waiting time. If your TV is too slow and claims to be Smart, then it’s not!

  • Steaming video services 

Do you watch all kinds of rented videos on a TV? Then, you don’t need to have a Smart TV. When you have a Smart TV, then you can subscribe for at least online video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle and more. If you are on a fast internet connection, there are more shows/movies to stream than you will get time to watch. However, you can stream them only when the Smart TV has the app to support online services.    

  • 4K UHD streaming video

Currently, there is not much 4K Ultra HD content available to stream from the internet. Even if there is a lack of such content that does not mean that Smart TV should not be compatible with the service. If 4K UHD video is vital for you, you should check with the websites for such services to see a list of compatible Smart TV online. And yes, you ought to have a fast internet connection as Netflix recommends at least 25MB per second to stream Ultra HD titles/shows.  

  • Music streaming

Listening to music may not be what you may plan to do with your TV, but will come to know once you start using it. It is especially if the TV is placed in a bedroom, kitchen or a place where you don’t have an audio system. Before you buy your Smart television online, ensure to check if your TV has pre-installed music apps. You can check the Smart TV’s app store to check if your preferred music streaming service is available or not.

  • Media player

It’s much better to look at family photos on a 50-60 inch screen in your living room than calling everyone to watch it in front of a small laptop screen. Thus, ensure that your TV has some advanced media players such and servers such as Plex. Such media players can categorize, organize, and convert your content. As a result, you would be able to make it super easy to access your entire digital stuff.

Additionally, you should also check if the Smart TV lets you play games or not. Yes, when you can play movies, videos, and more, why not games? Many Smart TVs come with game apps for you to play Angry Birds or Solitaire. Some newer models from Sony and Samsung can also access the PlayStation Now game streaming service to let you enjoy more sophisticated games.

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