The Basics of Generator Fuel Maintenance

Generator Fuel Maintenance

Some things get better with age fuel isn’t one among them. As time goes by, the fuel your new generator depends on can degrade and pack less of a punch. It’s an activity that you just can’t stop. However, you’ll slow it down and it’s important to try and do therefore, otherwise, your generator’s performance can suffer successive time you would like it to perform important tasks for your operations.

Maintaining Diesel Fuel

Each batch of diesel oil has distinctive characteristics that may impact the speed of fuel degradation, filterability, and status to contamination. The close temperature, presence of wet, exposure to temperature extremes, each hot and cold, and contamination with microbes are a number of factors that may accelerate the speed of fuel degradation. in addition, the supply of fossil oil, fuel additives, mixing with biofuel and reaction may accelerate or decelerate the fuel degradation method.

Down Fuel Degradation

Tank location and filler will have a big influence on the speed of fuel degradation, fuel loss through evaporation, hearth and larceny risk. Underground tanks have a lower hearth risk, however, they’re a lot of prone to water leaks that may contaminate the fuel. Underground fuel tanks are at risk of condensation forming among the tank that may foul the fuel because the ground temperature fluctuates. this may additionally promote the expansion of plants and microbes that may more degrade the fuel. Similarly, above-ground tanks are subject to condensates forming among the tank because the sun’s rays expand then contract the shell.

Diesel Fuel Maintenance

Diesel fuel ought to behold on for fewer than 9 months. Some makers suggest their fuel not be held on for over six months. whereas fuel stabilizers and filtering will prolong this, it merely is best to not maintain fuel for extended periods of your time.

Diesel fuel maintenance, as well as regular testing, ought to be conducted on a daily schedule. the primary factor to try and do is to require a fuel sample once you fill the tank. This creates a benchmark for the fuel that you just will use to trace the speed of degradation.

Fuel Sampling

It is an honest plan to perform extra testing at six-month intervals. This helps you track the speed of degradation over long periods of your time. In turn, this makes it doable to regulate your fuel deliveries in order that you’re not storing excess fuel. For even a lot of elaborate analysis, you’ll take a look at your fuel at quarterly intervals and lots of corporations whose fuel provides are subject to warmth or environmental conditions perform testing with even bigger frequency.


We invite you to contact EO-energy Power Generation Specialists for a lot of data relating to our fuel maintenance services. we are going to be happy to inform you a lot concerning the tests we have a tendency to perform and therefore the preventative maintenance we suggest to make sure the viability and dependability of your fuel provider.

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